5 Office Accessories Every Office Needs

Whether you work from home, or just want your office space to be more practical, quirky and unique, it’s important to have the right accessories. From desks with castors for easy manoeuvrability to eye-catching lamps, there’s no shortage of office equipment out there, so let’s take a closer look at five must-haves.

  1. Office chairs

Being comfortable at work is essential, if you feel remotely achy or on edge you won’t be able to do your job to the best of your ability. With this in mind, be sure to invest in the right office chair – something that matches the interior of your office in terms of style and size but which also provides you with the perfect spot to sit and type.

In need of inspiration? Then take a look at these innovative designs which include the Chakra Chair (pictured) – complete with seven panels that are supposed to focus on the body’s pressure points – and the Evolution Chair (or Pilates Chair) which encourages you to work your core throughout the day.


  1. A penholder

If you’ve ever been unable to find something to write with during an important phone call or before a client meeting, you’ll know how important penholders are. Not only do they courage you to put your pens back in the right place, but the right holder can also add a touch of humour and interest to your office – something which can be much appreciate in a serious working environment.

The pen holder you choose can say a lot about your character, so take a look at what’s out there and find something appropriate, be it a weird green alien that holds your pen while looking after paperclips on its belly or a giant fist that grabs everything you throw its way.

  1. Clip-on cup holder

Have you spilled one too many drinks in your time? Perhaps you’re always leaving coffee rings on important pieces of paperwork? If so, a clip-on cup holder which attaches to the edge of your desk and can hold everything from tea mug to Starbucks takeaway cups could be right up your street.

Available online and in many innovative gadget shops, they can be bought for a reasonable price and placed exactly within reaching distance, helping to prevent spills but also ensuring you’ve a drink to hand whenever you should need one.

  1. Silent mouse

The sound of multiple employees clicking away on a mouse can be more than irritating – particularly if you’re trying to concentrate on something important or are just in a frustrated mood where the slightest noise will get your back up.

Sure, the clicking of a mouse is certainly a first world issue, but someone else out there must have felt the annoyance it can bring, as it’s now possible to buy a mouse that makes no sounds at all. It’s completely silent meaning that whether you’re trying to minimise windows before your boss passes by (or are sitting next to someone doing the same) you won’t cause a disturbance or be disturbed.

  1. Digital smart pen

While some accessories are simply novel or fun, others have a specific use that can prove extremely beneficial in an office environment. The digital pen, for instance, is one of the coolest gadgets around at the moment bringing your written words and ideas into the digital world. With this clever invention, your notes will appear instantly on your mobile device which can then be edited, saved or shared and you can even use the pen to make voice recordings which can then be transferred to an Evernote account for easy access from nearly all devices. Pretty cool, huh?

So there you have it, five accessories that every office environment needs!

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