5 Perfect Present Ideas for Cycling Dads

If you’re looking for a present for a man who loves nothing more than heading out on the open road, clad from head to toe in Lycra and eager to set his wheels in motion, you’re in luck…here are five perfect present ideas for dads who love to cycle!

  1. Signal gloves

Zackee’s LED turn signal light gloves (pictured) are perfect if your dad does a lot of urban riding. Whether he’s cycling to and from work or just pedalling around town, he’ll feel much safer with a pair of these gloves. The Zackee gloves illuminate to indicate which direction he’s turning in, making it easier for motorists to spot him and understand where he’s heading – even in low light conditions. Best of all, they’re machine washable, and he won’t need to remove any of the fancy electronic parts before he chucks them in the machine.


  1. Cycling accessories for his home

Budget friendly but well-received gifts include cycling accessories for his home. Think wall art, cycle sculptures, a cycle tyre wall clock, or even a ‘on yer bike, Dad!’ mug… little things like this that reflect his personality and hobby are precisely what his home office should be adorned with! Failing that (or if you think you might cause a row with his other half), go for something like a funny cycling t-shirt that he simply won’t want to take off!

  1. Cycling GPS
    How often do you rely on the Maps app on your smartphone? Doubtless your dad is doing the same when he’s out and about on his bike, but apps designed for vehicles like cars aren’t so effective on two wheels. Therefore, consider buying him a GPS designed for cycling: the maps will be more accurate, it will feature cycling related computer data, and also work well at high altitudes, in bad weather, boast a better battery life and cope well with screen glare.
  1. Action Cameras

Ever seen those adventure programmes where intrepid runners and climbers film their knee-trembling ascents, jaw dropping scrambles and breath-taking views? Your dad has. And you can bet he’s fantasised about capturing similar footage on his adventures too. So, consider investing in an action camera such as a Go Pro to enable your dad to video his incredible rides before releasing them to his friends and fans on social media!

  1. Recon Jet Smart Glasses

Got a big budget to blow? Check out the Recon smart glasses – they’re regularly used by pro cyclists and runners, and with good reason. These glasses have an on-board GPS to track his distance, route and elevation, and use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to sync with apps like Strava and MapMyFitness. Even better, the glasses easily pair with your dad’s smartphone, allowing him to read text messages and control music in real time while he’s riding. Best of all is that these glasses capture photographs and video footage, so your dad will get to share some awesome snippets of his rides! If this isn’t one of the best ideas gift ideas for men, we don’t know what is!

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