5 Types of Guys You May Encounter on a Dating Site

Just like in real life, online dating has all kinds of people. Here are five types of guys you may encounter online, but not all will fall into one specific stereotype – they may be a mix of these:

  1. The Athlete

Every weekend he is playing a game of cricket, or footy or tennis…and you’re watching. You don’t see him, but he does. In the mirror. But boy he looks good. Maybe not in his Lycra or $400 cycling shoes but his abs are God worthy. The best way to snag this one is by slipping into your Lorna Janes and working up a sweat.

Sunday morning won’t be for lazy hangovers anymore, it will be waking up at dawn for a quick 20km run – rain, hail or shine. He likes to carb load before a big event and you won’t have to worry about cooking for him as his meals are prepped and planned in advance. You date this guy and life will be a marathon, and you might lose a few kilos trying to keep up with him. There will be no lack of energy in the bedroom.

  1. The Man’s Man

In Australia, we refer to him as Mate (or maaaate). He watches any kind of sport and you will usually find him in his man cave…when he isn’t fishing or boating. He’s handy and has a tool for any occasion, you will be pleased to know he can whip up a flat pack in minutes.

He is probably going to be more interested in having beers with your brother than a romantic dinner date with you, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Babe. He’s loyal. Have a relationship with him and you will be in a relationship with his friends and their partners too. Life will be an adventure so pack your camping gear and prepare for days spent watching car racing.

  1. The Intellectual

The Intellectual is often referred to as a SNAG, sensitive new aged guy. Anything you know, he knows more about. The conversation is stimulating and you will never run out of things to talk about. This guy is good for your mind and you can take him to events knowing he will wow everyone with his extensive knowledge of asteroids.

He has practical solutions and can do things with computers you never knew were possible. He can be an overthinker but you will get used to that, especially when you receive compliments from strangers when you wear matching buns in your hair.

  1. The Romantic

There are varying degrees of The Romantic. There is the one who likes cuddles on the couch during winter and the guy who has never met you but he already knows you’re the one. The Romantic will treat you like a princess and spoil you with gifts and intimacy. While we all deserve a romantic guy, there is such a thing as too much and you don’t want that romance leading to possessiveness.

Everyone has their own level of “over the top” when it comes to romance. Maybe your limit is the guy who sings Elvis to you every time you are in the shower, the guy who watches you sleep or the one who fills your car with roses every day. The Romantic is normally a nice guy. Nice guys do deserve a chance and shouldn’t always finish last. 

  1. The Player

Beware of the player, unless you are one yourself. The worst kinds of players are the ones who are already in a relationship and looking for a little “something something” on the side. He is only looking to meet naughty singles online and has no interest in a long term relationship. He can be hard to spot.

He may look like a shiny toy on the outside with his big smile, he knows the right things to say and you will be convinced he is someone he is not. A leopard can never change his spots, remember that – beware of the player, look out for alarm bells and only date him if you want fun and no substance.

Have you ever dated any of these types of guys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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