A Dog’s Tale – Allianz

If you have seen a television advertisement lately for popular insurance brand Allianz, then you may have noticed a rising star with the addition of Sawyer the dog. Sawyer (who also answers to the names Soy and Legend) was originally rescued from Hawkesbury Animal Shelter and has come a long way since his days of homelessness.

Sawyer is a friendly, confident dog who is quickly becoming an ambassador for pet adoption from shelters rather than from a pet store – with love and commitment from his owner he has become a television star!

Have a look at the following video which introduces you to Sawyer the dog:

Directors love working with him and he is enjoying his celebrity lifestyle, this is a fun story with a happy ending for one cute little dog.

Sawyer is also involved with charities helping aggressive dogs to calm their nerves…actor, best friend and counsellor, this is one talented four legged guy.

To find out more about Allianz and their new star, visit: www.allianz.com.au/media/a-dogs-tale

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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