A Valentine’s Workout for Couples

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and some years you just need a little inspiration. A little help to come up with something different, something special and when don’t we want something stimulating.

Marcus Bondi is an authority on health, nutrition, training and physical fitness in Australia as well as being renowned globally. Marcus has a unique ability to develop easy-to-maintain, do-anywhere online fitness and wellness programs and it is this ability that we bring to you today.

Marcus Bondi has devised a vigorous exercise session that you can do with your partner to kickstart your Valentine’s Day celebrations, and your libido.

Champagne and chocolates – yes by all means keep them as part of your day and then use this stimulating exercise routine, and its aftermath, to burn off all those extra calories.

15 minutes, a willing partner and some raw ginger root are the only things you need to kick-start the Valentine’s Day mood. Bondi says that co-operative couples exercise training is the latest fitness technique being used in Los Angeles to super-charge workouts… and love lives.

Begin your couples workout with a glass of fresh juice containing as much raw ginger as you can handle.

Ginger is the lover’s root, it lights a spark that you can fan into a bonfire of lust. Ginger contains many amino acids and minerals that improve blood circulation and sensitivity throughout every part of your body. Heightened skin sensitivity and improved blood flow lead to increased energy which builds a desire for stimulating and productive physical activity. So get the blood pumping with this close proximity couples workout and watch the fireworks explode.

Start with these proximity-inducing partner-centric exercises;

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The Lovers Push-Crunch

Each partner can take a turns at this co-joined interactive exercise. Partner One hops on the floor on their back, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor; Partner Two stands over Partner One’s knees and puts their hands firmly on the raised knees of P1 and steps back so their body is in raised push-up position and begins doing push ups on the upraised knees of P1. Meanwhile, the compliant P1 holds hands straight out in front and reaches for their knees, performing push-through ab-crunches. Tune in to each others’ ‘chakra’ so you can synchronise the sensation. You may also gaze into each others’ eyes as your tone your pecs, arms and abs. Switch after 10 reps or when the first one gets too flustered to continue properly.

The Sole Mates Floor Cycle

This one is really fun and a superb exercise to tone the hips, butt and thighs of both partners. It goes like this: both of you pop onto your backs on the floor with feet ‘facing’ each other. OK. Place the soles of your feet exactly together with your partner’s and scoot your butts close enough so your knees are bent well enough to begin ‘cycling’ in unison, while providing some ‘resistance’ to your partner’s sole pushes. Place arms out to the side on the floor to aid with balance as required. You can begin with a ‘stepping’ motion, but with a little practice, you’ll quickly synchronise your intertwined ‘sole cycling’ movements in a variety of patterns to trim and tone the lower half of your better half! Go for as fast and as long as you can. Remember to breathe!

OK, by now the pulsating passion of the ginger juice should be coursing through your palpitating torso, so let’s finish with a face-to-face exercise to ensure we’re all on staring intensely into each others’ eyes. Nice!

Love-tap Game

This is a core-strengthening exercise for two that will tighten your mid-section and your romantic relationship! You both hop on the floor in facing each other in ‘plank position’ . ‘Plank position’ is raising your body in a straight horizontal line from your head-to-heels using only your toes and bending your arms so your elbows and hands are flat to the floor. Keep your elbows positioned under your shoulders. Exhale and contract your abs. Lock it in. As you face each other, take turns reaching out with one hand and touching your partner’s hand lightly and then returning to plank position. Squeeze your glutes (butt muscles) to really feel the burn of training devotion and interpersonal emotion! Play the “Love-tap Game” until you collapse in an intermingled muscle-spasm. Well done!

Now your hearts will be pounding which will have the blood thumping in all the right places and having finished the workout staring into each other’s eyes you will want to put all that thumping to good use. A great passion builder for Valentine’s Day but why not keep it in mind anytime you need a little kick-starter and I’m sure we can all agree that in a long term relationship sometimes you need one of those to keep the fires burning bright when it all gets too comfortable.

A closing message from Marcus Bondi:

Prolonged passion with your partner is not free forever; you must nurture it and treasure it. Exercising together will ensure that you have quality physical interaction for your emotional eternity… Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was thinking that this workout would be something totally off the dance card for me this Valentine’s Day being just a little bit ready to pop but these exercises sound like they may be achievable even for me in my heavily pregnant state… but I may still keep this in mind for a while down the track when I’m feeling a little more sensual and a little less like I’m going to explode.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all from us here at Beauty and Lace.

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