Airwick Multicolour Black Edition Candle (Plus Win One)

The black limited edition Multicolour candle from Airwick is a unique design as it changes colour once lit. The candle is packaged in a black glass container with a cut-out design on the sides, which allows you to view the rainbow of colours giving any room a beautiful ambience.

In addition to the special changing colour effect, this candle comes in different scents which emit a gentle fragrance. The Crackling Fire and Cinnamon Spice is a seasonal scent and gives your home a welcoming feel.

The Airwick range of colourful scented candles really stands out and becomes a subtle feature in any environment.

airwick multi

The best part is there are no batteries required, this candle works like the traditional kind but offers so much more with its gentle colour infusion.

The Airwick Multicolour Black Edition has an RRP of $13.95.

We have one to give away in Crackling Fire and Cinnamon Spice, if you would like to win it tell us in the comments section below where you would put this gorgeous candle.

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68 thoughts on “Airwick Multicolour Black Edition Candle (Plus Win One)

  1. I would put this in my bedroom. I’d love create a relaxing sanctuary to meditate in at the end of each working day 🙂

  2. I would use it out the back on my outdoor setting at night, spend a lot of time out back as nights are warmer and have BBQs and drinks with mates, would really set the mood and make the outdoor setting look absolutely gorgeous, pick me please

  3. I would put it in our nearly newly-renovated bathroom as by the time we pay the tradie there won’t be any money left to decorate it 😉

  4. My cat insists on peeing in the back room every night, so that’s where I’d put this candle because it could really do with something that smells nice – plus I’d be able to see the pretty colours from the kitchen.

  5. I love scented Candles and we live in a rural town and these candles are not stocked in our supermarket, and I would really love to own one. So I am hoping that I may get lucky here; and be able to enjoy the scent and create a lovely mood in my home. With the black candle holder and the light changing with the flickering light. This would really be something that I would love to own. And with Beauty and Lace this may come true. 🙂

  6. My friend Bec is has just finished building a sunroom retreat. This candle would be a wonderful contribution to all her hard work. And a reminder to finally relax!

  7. I would have it in my bathroom so I could have a nice relaxing bubble bath at the end of a hard day watching those beautiful colours are sure to put me in a good mood

  8. I would put the multicolour candle under my pergola in my relaxation area where it would add ambience and glorious scent to enhance the chill out zone.

  9. I would put the candle in ,my living room for everyone to smell as they walk through the front door. I love smelly candles! 🙂

  10. Front and center on my mantle in my lounge room so everyone can see where this amazing smell is coming from!

  11. I would put this candle in my bathroom & set a romantic scenery for my husband & myself it would be absolutely beautiful I’ve heard so many positive comments about this product set the right mood & all will be great

  12. In my ensuite, so I can enjoy the scent from my bedroom, see the colours reflected in the mirror and glass plus it will mask the smells from my husband!

  13. This candle will go perfectly next to my Siamese fighting fish. He is already beautiful but this will make all our worlds more colourful, happy and aromatic! 🙂

  14. I’d put it in the loungeroom
    For everyone to see
    To fill my home with fragrance
    Would fill my heart with glee !

  15. oooh I would put mine in my bedroom how gorgeous would it smell in my room it would help me create my own private sanctuary ! bliss ♥

  16. Crackling Fire would go into our bedroom so we could still smell and see the fire even when we are in bed very romantic. The Cinnamon Spice would go into our bath room so when we have a bath it would be even more relaxing

  17. Sounds like one of those woodwick candles if it is a crackling fire type. I would love this to create a wood cabin in my mind.

  18. Our loungeroom as that’s where I like to light candles as we have a feature wall that is warm coloured and it gives us a relaxed feeling for when I want to mediate.

  19. In my bathroom with a beautiful bubble bath, beautiful bubble champagne and not so bubbly music, soft and relaxing music.

  20. This candle would be moved from room to room around my home. It would add a pleasing relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom while having a bubble bath, the lounge when snuggled up watching a movie, the verandah while having drinks with friends. It wouldn’t have a permanent spot.

  21. The place i would put this Candle is in the lounge room coffee table is where i like to sit and relax when the day is finished. As candles relax me this would be the perfect spot for it

  22. In the family room to be enjoyed by all. We always have a candle burning, this would be an exciting change.

  23. It really doesn’t matter where I put this gorgeous candle so long as it’s colour and scent can mesmerize and ‘transport’ me to a place so beautiful and serene I forget how stressful my day had been.

  24. In the bathroom so that I could relax in a nice warm bath while enjoying the sweet aroma and subtle light the candle has to offer

  25. I would definitely put this gorgeous scented candle in the lounge room, so everyone could enjoy it. With Christmas coming up the cinnamon spice would invoke a lovely ambience and fragrance to get me into the Christmas spirit!

  26. I love how candles can create a mood its like lighting up that room with the flickering candle that dances and you watch it … With this you can also see color changes and fill your room with a divine scent.. I would love to own one of these

  27. In my lounge so when I get to sit down at the end of a busy day I can light the candle and enjoy the beautiful aroma.

  28. In the bathroom to be lit when I am in the bath, with a DVD playing, and a glass of wine in my hand… nowhere to be seen.

  29. I would put it in my kitchen as it is the central part of my home and where everyone tends to gather

  30. I’d put this gorgeous Airwick Multicolour Black Edition Candle in my bedroom. Does it get any better than snuggling up next to a flickering Crackling Fire?

  31. In my ensuite, there is no room in the house which is darker or that needs more colour then that! (Especially after hubby!)

  32. I’d put it in the living room, because it sounds like the perfect warming cosy scent for a family Friday night snuggled up together watching a movie!

  33. I’d put it near the front door,
    So EVERYONE could see,
    My Airwick, I’d adore,
    Great ambience guaranteed!

  34. I have to say that I am not a fan of scented products as they sometimes give me a headache. My Husband, on the other hand’ just
    loves anything like this. I’m sure just does it to spite me sometimes. He loves what I term the ‘stench’ aisle at the supermarket.

  35. My lounge area has some curious smells which we can’t define and this beautiful Black Candle will enhance the decor and give us a lovely warm relaxing smell

  36. I always like the perfumes that “Air Wick” put into their products. So relaxing and make the home smell like a garden of flowers.

  37. I like to share.
    I would place it in my open living area between my “kitchen” and “lounge” space, on an old Chinese medicine cabinet I have………..
    Sweet welcome as soon as you open the front door.

  38. I would give this to my daughter for her new house it needs some homely touches and this would be lovely!

  39. On my desk at work to get rid of the smell of all the males in the office. The current fragrance my office has at the moment is BO from all the sweaty males so a candle would bring some much needed paradise into my working day.

  40. I adore candles and where i live the supermarket doesnt carry these and I would really love to own one. I would love to put it in my bedroom and delight my senses both by seeing the lovely color changes and to have the scent fill the room. This is what I call a real mood candle

  41. Right beside my bath tub because there is nothing more relaxing than having a bath with candle light and relaxing aromas….

  42. I would love one of these candles as I cant buy them where i live as they dont have them. And I love the look of the candle; as it would create and lovely atmosphere and a divine scent. I keep entering as I havent seen anyone win it yet.. So im just hoping that theres still time for me to get lucky 🙂

  43. My indoor cat’s litter tray is in my back room and its a beautiful little room but the smell sometimes gets a little on the nose this would keep a gorgeous room looking but more importantly smelling beautiful

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