Bakers Delight Chia and Fruit Loaf

At the moment, as many of you may now know, I am on a fitness mission. Exercise, water and eating better all play vital roles in this process and some aspects are more difficult than others. I have always had a super sweet tooth, I’m a sucker for chocolate, cake, biscuits, lollies and especially fresh baked bread – even the smell is enough to make me salivate.

I’m sure you can imagine the difficulties I face in trying to control these super sweet cravings and there’s only so much willpower I can muster.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the brand new Chia and Fruit Loaf by Bakers Delight, it launched on the 23rd of August. Not only have I been able to take this loaf for a test run but I got some interesting information about wholegrains and the effect they can have on the body.

The Chia and Fruit loaf is available as a nutritious loaf or scrumptious snack size buns with a coating of either sesame or chia seeds and I can tell you that all 4 varieties are delicious!

The buns are a perfect size for a mid-morning, late afternoon or anytime of day snack. I love them for morning tea, especially if I stop to pick some up on my way to work because they are super fresh, super soft and super satisfying. I really am a sucker for fresh baked bread.

The reason it has taken me so long to get here to tell you about this beautiful bread is that I had to be sure I had taste tested it every way that I could think of.

Chia Fruit Loafs and Buns

The rolls are delicious just as they are, fresh from the bag and the seeds are nice and soft so no crunching teeth as you munch. The loaves make a great breakfast, as well as a late night snack. I like my bread straight from the oven type fresh so I wasn’t a serious fan of the bread just buttered but toasted…. oh my goodness explosions of sweet taste sensations right on my taste buds. I really truly am in love.

One of the best things I found about toasted Chia and Fruit loaf is that it really satisfies my sweet tooth cravings.

So that’s what I love about the bread, and I will definitely continue to buy it, thank you to the friendly staff at Bakers Delight Welland, SA who are always quick with a smile when I pop in nice and early for my daily fix.

Now for some of the benefits of the Chia and Fruit loaf that make it a worthwhile addition to my new lifestyle choices.

Chia is an ancient seeds that was first used by the Aztecs. It is one of the highest natural sources of the plant form of omega-3 ALA, as well as containing protein, a high level of antioxidants and Omega-6 LA.

These additions mean that the Chia and Fruit Loaf is great for endurance because of the slow energy release. Wholegrain breads have also been linked to diet management.

Research has shown that energy restricted diets that include wholegrains assist with the loss of body fat, partly because they help you to feel full longer.

“One serve of a product like Bakers Delight’s new Chia and Fruit Loaves and Buns will provide more than a third of an adult’s daily wholegrain target, 11-15% of the daily intake for protein and 14-17% of the daily intake for fibre.  They also provide a source of essential nutrients including iron, magnesium and omega-3 ALA,” she said.

Regardless of the health and weight loss benefits afforded by the Bakers Delight Chia and Fruit Loaf this product is TASTY! It satisfies my sweet tooth and makes for a great any time snack.

To find your closest Bakers Delight check out the store locator HERE

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