Best Flowers for your Star Sign

Star signs are something many of us pay little attention to, or we learn a little but don’t put too much stock in. There is also the part of me that wonders where to draw the line. There are birthstones, colours and animals which reflect your time of birth, but have you ever thought about which flower complements your star sign?

The interesting thing to note in relation to the best flowers for your star sign is that some of them differ depending on the context you look at. Your Zodiac flower sign doesn’t necessarily match the best flower to plant for your zodiac sign so if you want to send flowers, Zodiac flower signs are a good choice. If you want to plant a garden perhaps a little more research is required, but it would make for a gorgeous garden if you combined Zodiac flower signs with the best flowers for your sign.


So let’s take a look at the blossoming Zodiac, how do you think they fit with the star signs of your friends and family?

Aries is a Fire sign, they burst with action, energy, enthusiasm and confidence. Their Zodiac flower is Honeysuckle or Tulip, the best flowers for their garden are impatiens and zinnia and some of the beautiful blooms to gift them would be fiery and vibrant like tiger lilies, red tulips, roses, prickly pear, cockscomb, amaryllis and red peppers.

Taurus is an Earth sign known for their industrious nature, persistence and love of the finer things in life. Their Zodiac flower is Poppy or Lilies, the best flowers for their garden are violets, columbines and patchouli. Some of the beautiful blooms to gift them would be sundew, Sweet William, fruit trees, daisies, lavender, lilac, aster, lily of the valley, roses, foxglove and sweet pea flowers.

Gemini is an Air sign, the sign of the twins. A sign known for adaptability, flexibility and intelligence as well as a duality in their nature. It’s no surprise that everywhere I looked I got different flower answers. Their Zodiac flower is Lavender or Roses, the best flowers to plant are rosemary and lily of the valley. Blooms to buy are Winter Cherries, chrysanthemums, lilacs, maidenhair ferns, cactus, daffodils, goldenrod, mimosa, wattle and nut-bearing trees.

Cancer is a Water sign; emotional, sensitive, warm and sympathetic. The Zodiac flower is Acanthus or Delphiniums, the best to plant is jasmine and some of the other blossoming booms associated with the sign are white irises, cornflower, Queen Anne’s lace, ferns, passionflower, plumbago, and hydrangea.

Leo is a Fire sign; dominant, exuberant, extroverted and natural born leaders. The Zodiac flower is a Sunflower, and I got that everywhere I looked. The best to plant is sunflowers, St John’s Wort and chamomile. The other flowers and plants associated with Leo are safflower, croton, Joseph’s coat, marigold, gerbera, crocosmia, dahlia and clivia.

Virgo is an Earth sign; thoughtful, reflective, meticulous and modest. The Zodiac flower is Morning Glory or Daisies. The best to plant is valerian. Other associated flowers and plants are Monkshood, St John’s wort, chrysanthemum, eucalyptus, veronica, violet, ivy, thistle flowers, blue hydrangea, verbena and echinacea.


Libra is an Air sign; balance, harmony, beauty and stability. The Zodiac flower is Rose or Hydrangeas. For planting are daisies and some other great plants are tulips, mint, bonsai, bluebells, gladiolus and gardenia.

Scorpio is a Water sign; powerful, passionate and tenacious. The Zodiac flower is Chrysnathemum or Peonies. Best for the garden are uva ursi and other associated plants are honeysuckle, Venus fly trap, pink ginger, Amaranthus, red hot poker, hibiscus, peony, cactus and anthurium flowers.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign; intelligent, strong and energetic. The Zodiac flower is Narcissus or Carnations. Gardeners will love magnolias and other associated plants are foxtail lily, lisianthus, blazing star, crocus, muscari, berried plants, allium flowers and peonies.

Capricorn is an Earth sign; stable, serious, strong-willed, conservative and practical. The Zodiac flower is African Violet or Carnation. The best to plant is laurel. Also associated are heartsease, love-lies-bleeidng, knapweed, hemp, scotch broom, trillium, baby’s breath, camellias, statice, holly, ivy, philodendron, kentia palm, snowdrop, jasmine flowers, pansies and magnolia.

Aquarius is an Air sign; intuitive, curious, independent and loyal. The Zodiac flower is Orchids. Great ones for the garden are starflower and spikenard. Other associated plants are birds of paradise, banksia, protea, yucca, aloe flowers, arum lily and gladiolus.

Pisces is a Water sign; perceptive, gentle, patient and understanding. The Zodiac flower is Water Lily or Alstroemeria. The best to plant is the lotus flower and nicotiana. Also associated are Madonna lily, Euphorbia marginata, Cyperus (papyrus), stephanotis, jasmine, lilac, narcissus, gypsophila flowers, moss, poppies, rhubarb, yarrow, clematis, lilac and orchids.

So, what do you think…. how does this list correlate to you and your family?

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