Bundraiser Day at Bakers Delight – April 5th

Easter may still seem like it’s ages away, and you can’t gauge it’s proximity by the produce in the shops anymore because I think I saw my first hot cross buns in a major supermarket just after celebrating the New Year. Not everyone has their hot cross buns on sale already, some places like to savour the specialty and keep them available for a limited time. Bakers Delight is one such retailer.

March 13th is when you can start stocking up on your Bakers Delight freshly-baked and hand crafted Hot Cross Buns. They will be available in Traditional, Choc Chip, Mocha and Fruitless so there is something for the whole family – and if they’re anything like me and mine it’s a case of one of each.

This Easter season you can give back to the community while you service your sweet tooth by shopping at Bakers Delight on ‘Bundraiser’ Day.

Bundraiser Day is an annual event run by Bakers Delight that will see over 600 Bakers Delight bakeries across Australia donate $1 from every six-pack of Hot Cross Buns sold.

Bakers Delight Traditional HXB

On April 5th 2014 Bakers Delight bakeries nationwide will bake almost one million fresh Hot Cross Buns to help raise funds for children’s hospitals across the country.

The aim this year is to raise $150,000. These funds will benefit eight hospitals around Australia, helping them to purchase essential medical equipment and resources.

Purchasing Hot Cross Buns on April 5th from Bakers Delight will see customers making a much needed contribution to these hospitals:

  • Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (VIC)
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital (NSW)
  • John Hunter Children’s Hospital (NSW)
  • Canberra Hospital (ACT)
  • Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation (QLD)
  • Women & Children’s Hospital Foundation (SA)
  • Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (WA)
  • Royal Hobart Hospital (TAS)

Bakers Delight Hot Cross Buns are delicious and always a welcome addition to my breakfast table. Who am I kidding, they are great for lunches, snacks and morning or afternoon tea as well. This is a great opportunity to stock up if you are a fan of Hot Cross Buns out of season, you could buy a stockpile for the freezer and by doing it on April 5th you are making greater contributions to some very worthy hospitals.

So this Easter season remember Bakers Delight on April 5th and treat your family while helping the hospitals.

What: Bakers Delight ‘Bundraiser’ Day

When: Saturday April 5th 2014

Where: Over 600 Bakers Delight bakeries nationwide

Visit Bakers Delight on the web to find your nearest store: www.bakersdelight.com.au





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