Christmas Decorating with DANDI

Dandi are experts in home decorating with their range of Australian designed napery and homewares. We asked the girls to share their top tips for Christmas decorating:

What decorating trends will be popular this summer?

We see two big trends arising this summer. There will be a big use of natural colours and textures with pops of bright colour for a seasonal statement look and the ever-popular nautical colour scheme, really bringing the ‘summer holiday’ feel to the table.

What are your tips for Christmas decorating?

The amazing fresh produce available around Christmas time in Australia inspires us so much! We love using edible, seasonal centerpieces so colourful fresh fruit and herbs will be big part of our Australian Christmas look and will add to the sensory experience of the meal.

the dandi girls

How can we keep our table settings sophisticated without losing that seasonal touch?

To keep your table sophisticated and seasonal we recommend using a neutral backdrop and introducing accents of colour and touches of festive spirit. We will be featuring bottles of Christmas Cheer and our rosemary wreaths for the occasion. Plus, by keeping things neutral you can use your settings year round!

Do we have to stick to reds and greens?

No way, get creative! It might be buy using Christmas shapes such as a star or a wreath that adds your festive touch. However, if you did want to be a little traditional why not try choosing either red or green (but not both!) to add a hint of Christmas without going overboard with tinsel!


And how would you decorate for a family friendly gathering?

We recommend using a stylish oilcloth tablecloth as these wipe down easily and mean there is no washing and ironing of table cloths required before or after entertaining, leaving you more time to concentrate on the food!

Do you have any unique Christmas tree ideas?

Muslin wrapped branches in a vase with neutral coloured decorations are nice, or a ‘teepee’ structure made from found branches and decorated with simple ribbons which you can place presents around is a different and cute idea.

Tell us about your own Christmas events and any themes you might be personally using…  

We will be mixing in elements of nature to bring a unique Australian flavour to the Christmas season, embracing a neutral colour palette and setting this off with bold pops of colour in the napkins and extra decorations. We also like to make a signature cocktail for the day to ensure merriment is off to a good start! Here is one of our favourites:


Christmas Cheer Be careful! Very Alcoholic!

350 ml Cointreau
450 ml Vodka
200 ml lime juice
800 ml cranberry juice
200 ml icy cold water
Mix together ingredients and chill in freezer one hour before serving. Serve with ice and a twist of lime. Makes 2 litres

Is it OK for the hostess to be wearing an apron when guests arrive?

Absolutely! If anything it increases the perception of effort being applied by the hostess, which is always a good thing! Plus, if it’s one of our pinnis you’ll look super stylish while being very practical.

Dandi Bamboo bowl with Rosemary Wreath_table_med

If you want to give homewares as gifts, is there anything you should consider before selecting?

Always consider the receiver’s particular interests and tastes, for example; colour co-ordinated tea towels for a person with a new kitchen, bamboo platters and utensils for the eco-conscious or oilcloth for people with children or great outdoor spaces. There really is something for everyone!

What do you predict will be the Dandi bestseller in the lead up to Christmas?

Tea towels are always a great gifting item as they are available in so many colours and designs. We predict our new bamboo entertaining range will be a top seller because they are just so beautiful; they would make a great purchase for the ‘person with everything.’

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