Cooking with Sonny: No Cook Playdough

My little guy will be turning 3 later this year, and he is so full of energy and reminds me of an energizer bunny, he keeps going all day – no nap and no rest! He loves to play outside but when the sun isn’t shining and it’s raining it can be hard to keep him entertained indoors.

Sonny hasn’t had much to do with play dough so I decided to have a go at making it with him as he really loves to cook, and he surprised me by not only enjoying the combining of ingredients, but afterwards he spent a long time playing with it.


I think a non cook recipe is easiest when you have kids helping, it means they can be involved in the whole process and once it’s combined there is no waiting and the play is on!

First we had a cup of salt, this also makes it taste disgusting so you don’t have to worry about your child eating the playdough when you are done. Sonny mixed in two cups of flour and a dash of oil, followed by 3/4 cup water.


Play dough has to be colourful so you will need a few drops of food colouring, if I was making this again I’d probably add it to the water first so it is easier to combine. As you can see, we used blue.

To change the consistency you can experiment with adding more or less water and flour until you get it just right and make sure you get your hands in there and knead well.


To keep your play dough fresh store it in a zip lock bag (the kind you put your sandwiches in), that way it can be reused!

For hours of fun, Sonny recommends cookie cutters – especially anything that looks like a car, plastic cups and utensils and a rolling pin.

One thought on “Cooking with Sonny: No Cook Playdough

  1. Go Sonny! My little girl (Ruby) has been obsessed with playdoh for awhile now…yet strangely enough I’ve never made it for her – what a great way to save money and get her involved in the making process! Tomorrow we’ll be doing blue and white playdoh! Oh yeah ‘Go the Cats’!!!!!!!!!! Lol

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