Creative Ways To Drink Your Vodka – Raspberry Vodka

Here I am again,  back with the next vodka addition. This is a recipe I discovered on the net but have modified quite dramatically for these purposes.

The main reasons for the modifications were convenience – this is what I had here so this is what I made.

Raspberry-infused vodka

150g frozen Raspberries
1/3 cup (80g) sugar
1/8 cup (30ml) water
375ml vodka

raspberry vodka

Combine berries, sugar and water in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally to dissolve the sugar. Simmer 10 minutes or until berries are very soft. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Simmering should be done covered, though I didn’t.

Transfer raspberry mixture to a large non-metallic bowl or jug and combine with vodka. Cover tightly and refrigerate 4-5 days to allow flavours to infuse into vodka.

This is the point I am at now. Vodka is sitting in the fridge in a covered jug. Originally this was for mixed berries and a much larger quantity. I have gone with just raspberry because that’s what I had in the freezer, and a smaller quantity because I don’t want to end up with lots if it’s not to my liking.

From the taste on the stirring spoon (after all was done and vodka was in the fridge) I think this is going to be AMAZING with lemonade but I guess you’ll have to wait until I get back next week to hear how it went!

raspberry vodka


Strain vodka through a fine chinois, or muslin-lined sieve. (I used a new Chux super wipe) Press down on the fruit with the back of a spoon to extract as much liquid as possible. My raspberries disintegrated almost completely so all I was left with was a raspberry slush and seeds, so I stirred the mix in the sieve to push through the cloth for the first half.

Being slightly impatient I ended up making an improvised bag with the cloth and squeezed the mixture through the cloth. But please note you really need to squeeze gently so as not to pop a hole in the cloth.

Using a funnel, carefully pour vodka back into the vodka bottle and store, refrigerated, until ready to use. I forgot to get a funnel so I made sure the jug I sieved the vodka into had a spout for easy pouring.

To make a raspberry mojito add the finely grated zest of one lime to the vodka when you take it off the heat. To use, half fill a high ball glass with ice, squeeze 2 lime segments over the ice (adding the lime skin too), add a few mint leaves and stir to crush the mint lightly.

Add 30ml of the raspberry vodka. Top up the glass with chilled soda water or lemonade.

In my case I didn’t bother with the lime zest, just made raspberry vodka and served with lemonade.


A fabulous, refreshing vodka! Big hit with all my taste testers. Definitely a recipe to keep for regular use! This had a fantastic raspberry flavour, not too strong but still with a bit of bite.

Please drink responsibly.

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