Dandi’s Paper Doilie Garland

Dandi’s Doilie range will add a special touch to your decorating, and with a little creative thinking the possibilities are endless.

Here is a tutorial for creating a Doilie Garland from the team at Dandi:

Materials Required:

16 paper doilies (depending on size)
4 metres of ribbon

Dandi DIY Doilie Garland


1. Fold the doilies in half, and cut along the centre crease.
2. Glue the straight edge of the paper doilie and attach the glued edge to the ribbon
3. Repeat with the remaining doilies leaving 5 to 10cm centimetres between each one.

From cheerful garlands to decorative napkins and tablecloths, everyone will vie for an invite to your next summer tea party, with Dandi’s gorgeous Doilie collection.

For stockist enquiries please call (02) 8815 5928 or shop online at www.dandi.com.au

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