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When decorating or moving out of home for the first time you don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive furniture till you have really ‘grown’ into your own design style.  But how do you make your home not look like its filled with Mum and Dads leftovers or staged like a mail out catalogue?

If the budget is the major stumbling point don’t be afraid to use the cheap to middle range of furniture such as Ikea, Dare Gallery or even e-bay as your building blocks and then turn the focus on individual pieces you collect and pick-up in your travels and shopping expeditions.

To do this type of collecting takes time and can also be rather expensive if you are travelling the world or if you are partial to an emotional impulse purchase (sometimes you can justify it just like those 5” pencil stilettos you cant walk further than the car to the restaurant but they make you legs look so good).  So how do you go about picking up unique pieces when you want to get your home started?

You need to do your research and be prepared to do some footwork in seeking these places out.  After all things are worth having when you put in the effort aren’t they!

A great place to start is the markets.  There are many types of markets to get your interest bubbling.  Markets don’t have to be the basic local market (although they are getting a lot more savvy theses days). At the moment Melbourne has the Design Festival, 5-15th July, and there are many differing markets and exhibitions that display a flurry of talent you need to seek out.

But don’t think you have missed out by not getting to Melbourne as every major city has a website.  Log in and look in the events and what’s new section and you will find an ever changing list of events to visit that will give you ideas.  Emerging artists in craft, artwork, lighting, furniture, tea-towels (yes they have gone limited edition!) are ways of getting in on the ground of their careers to buy individual pieces that will become a conversation piece.

Here are some artists I saw at the weekend at the National Design Market that have some amazing pieces for your home or office.

Limited Edition Domestic Art!

third drawer down
Tea towels form Third Drawer down can now be stretched on canvas and become collectibles instead of wiping the dishes!

Peter Mclisky

peter mclisky tree

Peter has a studio where he produces quirky sculptures and fountains.  This picture shows an innovative lasercut steel sculpture of a tree with its shadow image in a rusted finish.  It can sit outside but I think would make a great piece to sit in the corner of your lounge.

Mance Design

Mance design lights

Stunning ‘Hedgehog’ lights for the ceiling or floor that create fractured light as a mood setter rather than a point of general lighting

Another way is to plan a weekend driving trip and visit as many country towns you can and look through their one off and antique shops.  Many artists and local crafts people are supported by their shops and may even display only in this shop or area.

Before you go and buy everything you lay your hands on make sure you walk away, have a coffee or lunch and try and picture what this piece will bring to your environment and how if will make you feel, after all it will be unique to you and should make a statement about who you are.

Imagine what you have already that you could put with it and what room it will go into and only then you will know if it is right for you.

Not only will this stop quick impulse buys but means you may not have to rest that floor lamp on your lap the whole drive home.

Guest Post Written by Shaynna Blaze-Vaughan


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