Do you know your anniversary flowers?

Flowers and flower arrangements are a beautiful thing, they can really brighten a room and they do amazing things for the recipients mood.

There is no end to the reasons for gifting flowers: I’m Sorry, Birthdays, Christenings, Baby Showers, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Congratulations, New Baby, Valentine’s Day and of course there’s the Just Because flower gifts.

Flowers are also very popular as an anniversary gift, and the bulk of the ones I saw arrive for workmates were roses. Roses have always been a symbol of romance and love so they are an obvious choice but did you know that anniversaries have their very own flower. Next time you are thinking of flowers as an anniversary gift give a thought to this list of anniversary flowers to show you’ve done your homework.

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Carnations are the flower of the 1st anniversary, they represent the ties of lasting vows of commitment and joy for the coming years. Carnations have long been a symbol of young, passionate love and they come in a great variety of colours so couples can choose the right hue for their particular union. The first anniversary is a time to celebrate an endless future together. Pansies are also noted as the flower for the 1st anniversary.

Lily of the Valley signifies the purity of the relationship for the 2nd anniversary and are a powerful symbol of love. Cosmos are another flower linked to the 2nd anniversary and both of these flowers mean modesty.

Sunflowers and Fuchsia are the flowers of the 3rd anniversary and their meanings include strength, warmth, trust, loyalty, humble and confiding love.

Geraniums and Hydrangeas represent the 4th anniversary. Hydrangeas have a message of gratefulness and appreciation while Geraniums mean steadfast piety, true friendship and symbolise the comforting beauty of the recognisable and the ever expanding love of the couple.

Daisies are the flower of the 5th anniversary, they are the perfect flower to represent love, fidelity, hope innocence, simplicity and loyalty.


The 6th anniversary is symbolised by Calla Lilies for the growth and beauty of the couple celebrating.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Freesia are the flowers of the 7th anniversary. They stand for trust and faithfulness, shelter and protection. A time to look back on all that you’ve achieved together and forward to all that’s still to come.

Lilacs and Clematis will help you celebrate your 8th anniversary. Lilacs are said to help the couple reflect on what brought them together originally and remember the sweetness of their early love while the meaning of the Clematis flowers is intellectual, ingenuity and mental beauty.

Poppies and Bird of Paradise are symbolic for your 9th anniversary. The Bird of Paradise for exotic adventures yet to come with a promise of travel and exploration and the magnificence of celebrating love. Poppies are for imagination, wealth and success.

Daffodils are the flower of the 10th anniversary as a reminder of the simple pleasures to be shared. They are pure, bright and passionate; one is beautiful but a whole bunch is extraordinary – just like the years of memories you have compiled together.


The 15th Anniversary flower is the Rose, to celebrate the beauty and perfection of love between two individuals; to symbolise passion and romance.

20th anniversaries are symbolised by Aster or the Day Lily. Aster represents wisdom and good fortune.

The Iris represents the 25th anniversary to symbolise faith and wisdom and the Iris is a royal flower to demonstrate the high esteem in which you hold your partner after a quarter century of marriage.

Lilies for the 30th anniversary for pride, beauty and devotion; or Sweet Pea for delicate and lasting pleasure.

Gladioli or Nasturtium for the 40th anniversary. Gladioli for vibrancy and remembrance.


50th anniversaries are for Yellow Roses and Violets to celebrate virtue, humility, faith and modesty and these two flowers are beautifully complimentary in an arrangement together; like the couple lucky enough to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Have you ever received anniversary flowers and did they correspond to your anniversary?


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  1. Interesting reading never knew about flowers for anniversaries but alas no mention of 45 years anniversary & anyway never had flowers for an anniversary

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