Dreamfarm Cool Inventions

Dreamfarm is a company that invents things, things that may not change the world but things that will make your life easier and that’s what we all need.

Modern and very, very cool, all the products from the brand have been made just for us humans – and they are so user friendly you will wonder why someone hasn’t invented them earlier.

We love the Smood

Did we mention the inventions all have fun names? The Smood is a heat resistant potato masher and works like a spring. The food gets trapped inside and in a couple of swift pushing movements you have your mash. Seriously, we’ve tried it, and it really is THAT easy!


Made from stainless steel, the handle is comfortable and erganomic and it comes in black or red. You will be mashing everything from potato to baby food without even a drop of sweat.

The Smood has an RRP of $29.95

We love the Scizza

Homemade pizza lovers unite, this is an alternative to the pizza cutting wheel and in a scissor design. The difference is you get a clean cut every time.


No sawing required or delicious toppings falling off the base, because the blades cut through neatly the first time. There is a non stick, heat resistant nylon spatula underneath so you can cut on any surface without scratching your tray, table or plate.

A comfortable grip, you will be cutting everything from pizza to pastry…even material if you are a clever little crafter.

The Scizza has an RRP of $29.95 and comes in white, red or black.

We love the Jot

The Jot is a little suction that sticks to most flat surfaces and allows small objects to be organised so you can find them. It will grip and hold your keys, pen or even those messy charger cords. Finally, you can stop asking the question, “where is my…”


The possibilities are endless, all your little bits and bobs will be in reach and at just $5.95 for a pack of two you can stock up. There are colour combinations to suit any decor or personality.

For more information on Dreamfarm and to purchase their products visit www.dreamfarm.com.au

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