Dreamfarm’s Onpot

Dreamfarm are an innovative company who pride themselves on being problem solvers, it is their whole purpose. They create brand new products that are funky, functional and fundamentally unique. They are an exciting and enthusiastic company that design useful products to solve real problems, problems that you may not have even been aware annoyed you until you found the solution – that’s certainly the way with me when I see their new creations.

Speaking of issues that I didn’t realise annoyed me quite so much… where to put the lid of your saucepan when you remove it. This issue has been solved for many electric frying pans but I have never seen it addressed for a saucepan – until now.


Dreamfarm have now designed the funky Onpot, a saucepan lid holder that rests your lid on the edge of the saucepan at the perfect angle to drip condensation back into the saucepan. Leaving no wet spots on the bench or stovetop, no having to hold it with one hand while you stir with the other and minimising food splatter as it’s caught by the lid and dripped back into the pan.

Onpot is designed to stay stuck to your lid so it is already attached whenever you need it, and it comes in a range of funky vibrant colours. The material is high heat resistant and is safe at temperatures up to 170°C/340°F which means that they won’t melt even when used over a gas stove.

Available in twelve bright colours for $11.95 each you could buy one for each saucepan. They are suitable for saucepan lids up to 25cm in diameter.

For funky kitchen gadgets that put the fun in functional head over to Dreamfarm at: www.dreamfarm.com.au

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