Earth Greetings Stationery Sets

Cast your minds back to April this year and you may remember an interview that I did with the artistic Heide from Earth Greetings – an eco-friendly range of stationery with many wonderful design concepts – which you can view here.

Today I bring to you a view of two gorgeous stationery sets. The first being my own personal favourite – the Magpies Meet set (which is wonderfully pink – my favourite colour – and adorably cute, Magpies are rather intelligent animals and quite family orientated) and secondly the Monarch Butterflies, something which yellow-lovers will enjoy.



Each set is presented in a neat way, with subtle colours and soft patterns. Those of you who ordered this years Beauty and Lace Box  (which included some of Heide’s work) will already be familiar with the packs, which each include 16 double sided A4 papers for your writing pleasures, post-consumer waste envelops (which have a very “real” earthy smell to them) and a sheet of pretty stickers, to seal your letters and envelops in an elegant way.

Whether you’re writing to a causal correspondence or someone more closely to heart, Earth Greetings is bound to please.

RRP – Both sets retail for $29.95

Stockists – Visit for stockist details

What do you think of the Earth Greetings stationery?

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