Entertaining with Juliet Love

Juliet Love is an entertaining expert newly partnered with Smirnoff and their diversification into classy premixed drinks designed for home entertaining.

Recently she was in Adelaide for the Good Food and Wine show at the Smirnoff stand where you could taste test the new Vodka and Ocean Spray® Cranberry and Smirnoff Vodka and Blood Orange.

juliet love

Since then we’ve asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and her new role.

You were recently in Adelaide for the Good Food and Wine Show, what did you think of our city? Did you manage to see much?

What I managed to see of Adelaide on my last trip I loved! I was excited to travel there as I hadn’t been since I was a child, however my visit was a whirlwind.

As Smirnoff’s entertaining expert, my time was concentrated at the Good Food and Wine Show so I will have to wait until next time to really explore the city. I am looking forward to coming back.

How did you come to be Smirnoff’s entertaining expert?

As a qualified interior designer and event stylist, and somebody who is passionate about entertaining, I am always being asked for advice from other people about how they can entertain with flair. I’m always on the lookout for new innovations or products that can make entertaining easier.

Smirnoff is the world’s no.1 vodka brand and they’ve produced a fantastic drink that not only tastes great, but is hugely convenient and gives people a great exciting, new option when entertaining at home.

What does this position entail?

As Smirnoff’s entertaining expert I’ve been sharing my top industry secrets with Facebook followers, helping to make entertaining at home a breeze for everybody this summer.

I’ll also be helping to judge entrants in a competition where three winners will receive a superb $5,000 entertaining package that I’ll be helping to style and also attend

I’ve also been lucky enough to personally meet with visitors to the Smirnoff stand at the Adelaide Good Food and Wine Show to answer all of their entertaining and styling questions.

What would you say is the best thing about your job?

Well, I get to spend a fair amount of time “shopping” – sourcing items for various clients so that would have to be up there! I love coming up with creative concepts, hunting for new pieces and making my vision a reality.

Another great aspect of my job is that I have to stay on top of trends, so I am forever reading magazines (both International and Australian titles) which I really enjoy. I have stacks of magazines at home that I use as reference material, and that I can’t bear to throw out!

juliet love

If you had one tip to give our readers about entertaining at home, what would it be?

Make an effort with décor, food and invitations, and be organized so that you can be a guest at your own party too. Then relax and enjoy the experience!

Oh, and most importantly, dress up! If your guests see you have made an effort it will set the scene for the entire night.

What are some of the most important things to remember about entertaining in summer?

Have a contingency plan for bad weather in case it is extremely hot, or unseasonably rainy. Most people utilize their outdoor entertaining space during Summer which is perfect as you can take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air.

If mosquitoes are a problem in your area, make sure you have adequate measures in place to deal with that. Nobody likes going to a Summer event and leaving with bites all over them.

Is there any one thing that is absolutely necessary at every entertainment function in the home?

A great atmosphere! This can be created with a combination of carefully selected music choices, some pretty candlelight (preferably lightly scented candles to create an ambience.

Even during the day candles are an attractive addition to an event), co-ordinating décor (choosing one or two colours and following that through all decorative elements generally works best), delicious food & drinks, some fresh flowers (even if they’re just from your garden) plus great company.

Smirnoff has just released some fabulous premixed options for home entertaining, what would be your favourite?

My absolute favourite is the Smirnoff Vodka with Blood Orange. It is perfect for Summer as it’s very refreshing, not too sweet and uses my favourite drink of all time – Smirnoff vodka!

What foods would you recommend to best compliment these new Smirnoff flavours?

Personally I believe fresh, light, seasonal produce – think BBQ’s and salads. But really they can be served with anything.

The Home Bar page created by Smirnoff on Facebook is something you’re also involved with, what can we expect to find if we drop by there?

By visiting Facebook.com/HomeBarAustralia followers will see my tips on how to:

  • Theme and decorate an event on a budget
  • Create simple decorative touches for every occasion
  • Have a fun and stress-free event
  • Be an outstanding host!

Every week I’ll be sharing a new tip with fans of the page, so be sure to keep checking in. People can also enter to win a fantastic $5,000 entertaining package.

The page is giving away a $5000 entertaining package, what does the prize consist of? And just as importantly, how do we enter?

The three lucky winners will receive a $5,000 entertaining experience. This means that Smirnoff will provide them with everything that they need to create a fantastic entertaining occasion at home for up to 20 of their family and friends.

This includes everything from food and beverage to the theme of their party and help bringing it all together. I’ll be on hand to help plan and style each event, giving it my own original twist. I’ll also be there on the day to give the winner a helping hand to expertly entertain. I can’t wait!

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