Euca Laundry Powder

I have been lucky enough to try out a new laundry product this week and not only will my children and my backyard be thanking me but so will my washing machine.

New isn’t actually the right word to describe Lightning Euca Laundry Powder because Lightning Products was established in the 1950’s in Victoria as a distiller of Eucalyptus oil, now they offer a broad range of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Euca has a lot of things going for it, I think what got me so interested is the benefit for those with allergies, eczema or asthma. I have a household full of eczema sufferers and if I can alleviate some of their itching and other symptoms with something as simple as a new washing powder then I’m in.

euca powder

The first few loads are still drying but they look brighter right from the first wash, straight from the machine. This laundry powder contains no synthetic perfumes so my clothes have no distinct scent but they smell super fresh. I can’t wait to get them dry and on the family to watch the reaction of their skin.

This is a commercial grade, premium powder containing none of the common ingredients that cause insolubles to get trapped on your clothes and trigger allergies. It has a low foam formula which makes it ideal for both top and front loading washing machines and it includes no fillers which means it is much more concentrated – 100% active ingredients makes for a much lower cost per wash.

The Lightning Euca Laundry Powder has low sodium and phosphorous levels so that recycling your laundry water onto the garden is not going to harm your plants or soil, grey water safety is another box ticked – for the family and the environment. The weather is starting to warm up and in the dry Australian summer where water restrictions often abound it is a blessing to have grey water at your disposal to keep your garden looking hydrated and healthy.

All of these are major drawcards to grab my attention, and there is one more. One that I don’t often give a lot of thought, taking for granted the appliances that become a staple fixture in most modern homes. Euca is gentle on your washing machine as well. The insolubles present in most laundry powders build up on the parts of your washing machine and cause corrosion, ultimately shortening the life of your machine.

Eucalyptyus oil is a natural cleaner, deodouriser and sanitiser so this laundry powder is perfect for all fabrics – sports clothes, work clothes, kids clothes, casual and outdoor wear. It will convert soiling to a water soluble state.

Lightning Euca Laundry Powder is a great product for every family, especially those in which dry skin abounds, and is sure to tick all the right boxes.

To get your own and to find out more about the 100% natural Euca brand, head on over to and you will also find information on how to find your nearest stockist.

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