Fitness and Weightloss – The Basics

Are you confused by fitness and weightloss and don’t know where to start? We were, so we asked personal trainer, Sian Murphy some common questions to get you on the right track – and ready for summer!

I want to improve my diet, where should I start?

Fresh is best, and adding a wide variety of healthy foods to your diet is important. Whenever possible choose organic fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods and cut out food and drinks with empty calories such as soft drinks and take away.




How can I get a faster metabolism?

The metabolism is how your body processes food. Avoid fad diets and don’t starve yourself or your body will hold onto the fat. Try to eat smaller, low GI meals every 2-4 hours and always start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Weights are ideal for speeding up your metabolism because you will keep burning calories for up to four hours after your workout is complete.




What should I do when starting a new exercise routine?

Always get a doctor’s clearance before dramatically changing your exercising habits. Aim for 45 minutes of physical activity a day – four days a week. Remember, something is always better than nothing and if you set yourself goals and record your progress it will help you stay motivated.

I need to choose low impact activities that are easy on my joints, what do you suggest?

Aqua aerobics classes are a safe alternative for those with bad joints. It is also a good option for those starting out and it’s a lot of fun! Boxing is good if you are overweight as there is no jarring on the legs and knees.  Cross trainers, steppers and elliptical machines are also recommended.

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