Fridge-to-go Lunch Cooler Bags

Fridge-to-go Lunch Cooler Bags come with panels filled with purified salt water, which you freeze to keep your lunch cool. Instead of throwing in a chunky ice pack, there is a special compartment for the panel to zip into and it is designed to create a long lasting, surrounding fridge like atmosphere inside.

fridge to go

Available in different sizes, the small is fantastic for babies and children when you are out and about. It can fit in your nappy bag and you can keep their milk, yoghurt or cheese fresh until lunchtime and beyond (up to 8 hours).

The bigger sizes are ideal for adults who want to take leftovers or a cold drink to work and because they aren’t made from hard plastic they aren’t bulky. For those who like to travel light, the lunchbox does come with a handle.

You could use this every day, either by having a spare panel or freezing the same one each night. The Fridge-to-go lunch cooler bags are easy to clean, the old “soap and water” will have it looking new again – but no soaking, a wipe with a damp cloth is all you need.

lunch box

Compared to other lunchboxes, the Fridge-to-go is far superior and you will no longer be limited in what you pack for lunch, this will save you money too! A convenient and innovative brand that we would highly recommend, there is a size and colour to suit all your needs.

They are also environmentally friendly as you can use them over and over again. They are BPA, PBA free and are PVC and lead safe.

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