George Foreman Mix and Go

I am on a post Christmas health kick right now to try and lose those extra holiday kilos and I have to say I am addicted to the George Foreman Mix & Go.

This is a blender which blends straight into a slim 600ml BPA free drink bottle so you can blend, pop on the lid and go! This is the perfect size for one and works to crush just about anything – including ice with the help of a 300 watt base.

You can make healthy smoothies or protein shakes, I like adding some frozen fruit to ice for a summer pick me up as well as your banana smoothies with low fat milk, yoghurt and a little honey.

mix and go

The George Foreman Mix & Go is so quick to use and most importantly there are not many components making it easy to clean. I am not exaggerating when I say I have used this every day and in combination with other healthy eating I feel as though I have much more energy.

My sisters have already gone out and purchased their own after seeing how convenient this clever gadget is.

Extra bottles are available in clear, blue, pink and yellow (2 included with original purchase).

I simply cannot rave about this enough, love, love, love!

RRP $39.95 / stockist 1800 623 118

Do you have a George Foreman Mix & Go? Please tell us what you think below.

6 thoughts on “George Foreman Mix and Go

  1. I’ve received one from Santa and just started back at work Monday so only just un-boxed it. What a great gadget, so easy to use and convenient especially as I have a shake daily for lunch. I did find the drink bottle a little awkward to drink from though 🙁

  2. I currently dont have a George Foreman Mix & Go. I use a simple hand mixi to make my shakes/ smoothies. Would love one of these though!@

  3. my cousin has one and swears by it, i love smoothies but hate the clean up afterwards with the big jugs that don’t fit in the sink and they’re heavy too!

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