Harvest Box Promotion – First Box FREE!

Snacking – the bane of my existence!

Current research and word on the web has it that snacking can actually be beneficial to the metabolism, blood-sugar levels, hunger pangs and consequently the mood!

Done correctly my two previous statements cancel each other out – if only I managed to keep a stash of healthy snacks nearby to get me through. A box of healthy snacks delivered right to my desk – that would trump chocolate and chips pretty much any day of the week I think.

Harvest Box have heard the cries of incessant snackers nationwide and they will have a tray of snacks delivered to your desk on the schedule you set for the extremely reasonable price of $7.95 per box

harvest box

The boxes contain 4 separate varieties of healthy snack options, chosen especially for you by the options you’ve rated, and each box is a surprise. The range includes over 50 varieties of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and treats and they look delicious.

If you register now you can trial this sensational snacking system virtually risk free. Register for your first box free and your second box half price. There is no commitment, you can cancel online anytime after your second box so really – what have you got to lose.

Hitting the vending machine, or the confectionery aisle, is easy to avoid now that Harvest Box are offering such versatile options. I love the idea of healthy snacks but when I’m out shopping for them I can never decide what to try or narrow the choices to buy something, Harveset Box will solve that dilemma for you as well with 4 punnets in each box to offer variety and add the element of surprise.

The site is easy to use. The mixes are healthy, natural snacking options. And all packaging is recyclable. Yep, definitely worth taking a look.

To investigate the Harvest Box snacking situation and get your FIRST box free (limited time only): Visit Harvest Box


2 thoughts on “Harvest Box Promotion – First Box FREE!

  1. Just ordered my own Harvest Box, which I’m looking forward to receiving soon. Can’t wait for the mix of nuts, seeds, fruit and other good stuff to arrive at my work! Better than eating stale and not to mention expensive, junk food from the vending machine. How long’s that been sitting there?

    Will let you know how I went after I receive them! Thanks 🙂

  2. Harvest Box is such a clever idea! It’s a nice touch how they have a different variation each time, a surprise…

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