How to Attract Men

By Maureen Arnold

Most women mistakenly believe that attraction and the ability to attract men resides 90% in the physical gifts that our beloved mothers gave us. Fortunately for many, this is simply not true.

Attraction can be sparked in a man using many other methods that are much more controllable than the size of your bustline.

The first mantra of attraction is to remain calm, cool and collected at all times. Be almost aloof, cool in your moves and attitude. Do this and you demonstrate the fact that you are not emotionally needy as well as the fact that he has to impress YOU, not the other way around.

Second, do not be weak or indecisive. If he asks you what you think about something or what you want to do, come up with something! As Christian Carter says – don’t say “I don’t care!” Make a decision and state your opinion because strong, smart and emotionally strong women HAVE opinions.

In this same vein, the third key to sparking attraction in a man is to make your OWN decisions and act on them. Do not be a follower; do not be influenced by the decisions of others. Its ok to agree with people, you do not have to be argumentative, but agree because of your own reasons and your own deductions about the situation.

Key four – make your own decisions and then act on them confidently. Confidence is key to demonstrating strength and the attitude that shows a man that you do not NEED him and his support or approval.

Key five is to treat difficult attitudes with indifference. Do not react in situations where people are antagonizing you are being difficult and immature. Brush it off, ignore it, treat it with disdain, but do not let it effect you in a visible way. This demonstrates your own maturity as well as the fact that you will not tolerate this type if behavior from anyone.

The sixth attraction building attitude is do not be impressed easily. Do not let his childish attempts at approval seeking make an impression on you. Hold your standards higher. Remember the Shania Twain song, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”!

Seventh, if you make a mistake, acknowledge it lightly, brush it off and move on. Do not dwell on things. If an apology is necessary, make it, sincerely, but not in an overly dramatic way and simply move on.

However, the eighth pillar of attraction is not to be an apologetic person. We all know someone who says “I’m sorry” at the drop of a hat or acts apologetic when presenting an opinion or a decision that is contrary to the way the group is going. Do not be this woman. Make your decision and stick with it, there is no need for an apology if you did nothing wrong.

The ninth necessary action when trying to spark attraction is this – it is essential that you are not always checking with him to make sure you are making him happy or making him like you. HE needs to get YOUR approval. Do not be subservient. Get him to ask if YOU are comfortable, if you are having fun, if YOU are happy. Not the other way around.

The tenth and final tip when trying to spark attraction with a man is to adopt an attitude that shows him that he needs to provide for your entertainment and to make an effort for YOU. You need to show him, with the other nine tips, that you are a stable and worthwhile woman, and he needs to step up to the plate and be a stable and worthwhile man for you. You will not tolerate anything less, and if he IS less, then move on.

The keys to creating attraction with men revolve around exhibiting a mature and non-dramatic attitude that he can rely on.

If your man can count on your maturity and level-headedness, then you will have far fewer problems with commitment issues and stability issues within your relationship, because you will not be putting him into emotional situations that he is not equipped to deal with. With an attitude like this, you will surely catch him and keep him!

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