How to solve 5 procrastination issues that all Australians have

When it comes to exercise, numerous studies show that Australian’s are up there with the laziest people in the world, with 38% of Australians failing to do any physical activity[1].

But physical activity aside, just how far does our laziness stretch? According to a global survey, fixing technological issues and car maintenance are up the top of the list of things we hate doing, and that we’re often too lazy to do.

Zed Klingenberg is the Founder of, one of the leading online tyre retailers in Australia, and says “the fact that so many of the ‘most annoying’ activities relate to car maintenance and repairs doesn’t surprise me. People in today’s society are time poor, so tasks such as going to a mechanic are often seen as a burden, which is why companies like Tyroola offer these services online, to provide maximum convenience, at the lowest price.”

To help make your life more convenient, below are 5 of the most common time consuming tasks, and simple ways to solve them:

Sleeping Beauty

Filling up your car with petrol. Adding a pit stop during your trip simply to fill up with petrol is always frustrating. Not only does it take time, but many service stations employ tactics to over-price the petrol, making is a costly task as well. To stop you spending big at the pump fill your car up on a Tuesday, or shop at stores which earn you points that go towards your fuel.

Finding the TV remote. Finding the TV remote feels like running an endless marathon and is one of the most irritating things that can happen in today’s society. TV lovers alike spend on average two weeks of their life searching for the TV remote[2].  You can put those much-needed two weeks back into your dedicated couch time by creating a dedicated spot that isn’t down the side of your couch.

Changing tyres. It isn’t surprising that flat tyres are at number 54 of the top 100 most annoying things in the world. Going to the mechanic or tyre dealership is expensive and time consuming, but Tyroola allows you shop one of the largest variety of tyres all at home in your pyjamas. Tyroola is one of Australia’s leading online tyre retailers, simplifying the lengthy decisions with independent tyre information and the ability to ship it straight to your door. Plus, with 5,500 different products, and over 300 independent fitters, you can keep the entire process cheap, convenient and local.

Going to the doctors. Going to the doctor’s is a task that we all put off as long as possible. Often it’s a task filled with procrastination, pain and long lines with people coughing on you. Fortunately like takeaway food and online shopping, doctors now do bulk-billed home visits letting you continue to live out the Australian stereotype of being laidback but in your pyjamas.

Getting up in the morning. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a biological clock strong enough to wake you, you’ll probably have eight different alarms all set a minute apart and with the loudest, most annoying sound you can find. To stop yourself becoming a bed bug, turn off all snooze buttons and create one realistically timed alarm that will actually get you out of that cozy bed of yours.

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