Interview: Allen Dewhirst (Salvos Stores)

The Adelaide train station is soon to host a one-off pop-up Salvos Store and in the lead up to this exciting community minded event we were able to speak to Salvos Stores CEO Allen Dewhirst about the pop-up store, Salvos Stores and the many ways The Salvation Army has been helping thousands every week since 1883.

If you would like to take part in this one off event head down to the Adelaide train station on Friday, September 28 between 1 and 6pm and see if you can bag a brilliant bargain. You will be helping your purse as well giving something back to help those less fortunate.

Can you tell us a little about Salvos Stores?

Salvos Stores recycles pre-loved clothing, accessories, furniture, bric-a-brac, books and toys by re-selling items to the public. We rely on donations from the general public and corporate sponsors. We have 37 stores in SA run by paid staff and hundreds of volunteers. Salvos Stores offers regular discounts to shoppers every week. All profits generated in stores is given to The Salvation Army to help run its community programs. In addition, Salvos Stores gives away clothing and other items to people enrolled in Salvation Army community programs. Shopping at Salvos Stores is great for the community, and buying second hand items reduces your carbon footprint.

What is your role in the organisation and what does that entail?

I am Chief Executive Officer of Salvos Stores Southern Territory. I oversee all aspects of the organisation which incorporates 215 stores over five states. It is my responsibility to lead senior staff and management to achieve sales budgets and always strive to create a more professional and successful organisation.

There will be a one-off pop-up store in Adelaide in late September (28), can you take us through how that works please.

We are running a pop up store to encourage people to engage with Salvos Stores. It will allow people who have never shopped at Salvos Stores to see what we have to offer. Show bags will be given out with Salvos Stores goodies.


What will we be able to find at the pop-up store?

The pop up store will be stocked full of clothing, accessories and bric-a-brac. The items at the pop up store will reflect what is sold in all Salvos Stores. There will be a variety of men’s and ladies clothing styles including vintage pieces, professional attire and casual outfits.

Where will the money raised from the pop-up store go?

Salvos Stores is part of The Salvation Army and any profit it generates is used to fund Salvation Army programs.

What can you tell us about the programs and support offered by The Salvation Army?

Salvos Stores helps fund a variety of Salvation Army programs and services. Programs include drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation, housing, food, clothing and goods vouchers, family tracing services and aged care.How can we help Salvos Stores?
You can help Salvos Stores by buying a trendy new outfit from any of its stores! You can also help us by donating your good quality items to Salvos Stores during opening hours or becoming a volunteer at one of our stores.

How can we donate to Salvos Stores?

The best way to donate to Salvos Stores is by bringing your items to any of our stores during opening hours. Large items can be donated through organizing a home collection by calling 13SALVOS (137258). Please don’t leave your donations outside stores when they are closed as we want your precious donations to reach our shop floor in good condition.

Can you tell us a little about the ‘Face of Salvos Stores’ competition?

We are searching for Salvos Stores brand ambassadors. The Face of Salvos Stores competition asks fans to buy an outfit from Salvos Stores and post a picture of them in the outfit on the Salvos Stores Facebook page. They need to ask their Facebook friends to vote on their picture by ‘liking’ it. The photo with the most likes will win a $500 shopping voucher.

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