Interview: Tania Zaetta

The gorgeous Tania Zaetta, who I remember best from Australia’s Who Dares Wins in my younger years, has had a long and exciting career.

She has recently moved back to Australia and become the ambassador for OptiSlim. We asked her some questions about the brand and her career, hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.

tania zaetta

How do you manage to juggle such a busy schedule?

I’m a big advocate of the best seller book ‘The 4 Hr Work Week’. I recently interviewed the Author, Timothy Ferris, for a TV show and asked him his best tip for getting things done with busy schedules that we all seem to have these days. He told me that we’re all guilty of looking at emails and facebook as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, which means we’re responding to things other people ‘need’ from us rather than being productive and sending out the emails we ‘want’ to do to enable us to feel like we’ve achieved something for the day.

So turn off your incoming emails for the first couple of hours of the day and be pro-active and productive for yourself. I’ve been doing this for a few months now and seem to be getting through the workload a bit better which makes me feel better when I finally get to climb in to bed at night. Exercise is also very important to me to maintain clarity, and my sanity, during busy times.

You have had quite a long and diverse career, from ‘Who Dares Wins’ to ‘Mission Implausible’ in the UK/Europe, starred in Bollywood movies and now the upcoming ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, what is your most memorable career moment?

Wow there’s been so many highlights and memorable moments its really hard to know how to prioritise them.

Launching myself off a 15 storey building for Australia’s biggest flying fox was certainly a very memorable moment! It was the first ‘dare’ I ever did on a then unknown TV show called ‘Who Dares Wins’. Although I’m a very outdoors and sporty kind of girl I’d never done anything like that before, and to be honest really had no desire to! Its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. That phrase has pretty much been the motto of my life. I set myself a goal, put my mind to it and then just set about to achieve it. It’s great to challenge yourself and I’m certainly more challenge driven than I am monetary driven. Which brings me to another memorable moment in my life – putting my mind to becoming one of the first foreigners to conquer Bollywood. Unheard of for an Aussie/Italian girl.

‘Bunty aur Babli’ was the first Bollywood film I worked on. I was in London when I received the call and flew straight to India. 2 days later I was standing at the amazing Taj Mahal in Agra in front of thousands of people filming my opening debut scene with India’s most famous actor Amitabh Bachchan and his heartthrob actor son Abhishek. I was pinching myself and couldn’t believe I was standing there, it was all very surreal.

How did you come to be involved in The Celebrity Apprentice?

I’d watched the UK and US version of Celebrity Apprentice and really liked how the show not only raised a lot of money for charity but also showcased other business talents you may not know the various celebrities are capable of. It was for those reasons I decided to be part of the Australian version since I’m passionate about raising money for charities and love the business side of what I do.

Like creating concepts, marketing, organising events etc.  Also given that other TV shows I host are on air in the UK, Europe, Asia, India etc and aren’t on air in Australia I thought it might be a great way to let people know that I’ve moved back home to Australia to live.

tania zaetta

I’m not sure how much information you can divulge about Celebrity Apprentice so I will limit myself to just asking how you found the experience and were there friendships formed?

I’d only met Jason Akermanis a few times before Celebrity Apprentice but I formed a nice friendship with him and his wife throughout the show. Jason is the kind of guy that calls it as it is and someone you could always trust to have your back. I like those qualities in friends because that’s exactly the type of friend I am back. I guess Mr Bouris was right when he said I was a ‘streetfighter’ and someone that you could always rely on to stand up for you.

You have recently embarked on a relationship with OptiSlim, can you tell us a little about the brand?

OptiSlim is one of Australia’s leading weight loss brands. Backed by sixteen years of research, OptiSlim provides a simple three-step approach including Accelerated; a complete meal replacement for fast and effective weight loss. Rapid; a partial meal replacement for sustainable weight loss; and Balanced, a single meal replacement to maintain an optimal weight. The program is based on a range of nutritious, tasty, very low calorie bars, shakes, and soups and incorporates a vast range of flavors to satisfy almost any taste.

What makes OptiSlim the brand we should choose for our weightloss needs?

The OptiSlim program is easy-to-follow, scientifically proven, affordable and extremely effective. The VLCD (very low calorie diet) shakes, bars, and soups are also really yummy and contain all of your daily nutritional requirements, including 25 vitamins and minerals (when you have three serves per day.)

Have you got any tips you can share with us about how you stay in such fantastic shape?

I try to stay active and replace one meal a day with an OptiSlim Vanilla Shake to keep in shape. When I’m preparing for an event like the Logies I sometimes increase this to two meal replacements per day for more rapid results.

You use the OptiSlim brand, what is your favourite product?

I always carry a variety OptiSlim shakes and soups in lots of different flavors in my filming bag that I take on shoots each day. That way when the crews are ordering pizza and fried foods for lunch I know I always have something healthy and low calorie in my bag.

My favorite afternoon snack is OptiSlims 100 calorie Muffin Slice, its delicious and a whole lot better than reaching for a slice of cake when a little sweet craving hits.

With such a busy schedule I imagine downtime is quite rare, on the occasions you do get some time, how do you like to relax and unwind?

Yes its certainly been a very busy year so far so I treasure any days where I can slow down a little. Its very important to me to set some time aside each week for myself.

I love walking and try to walk every morning for at least 40 mins, either on the beach or around the Botanical Gardens track in Melbourne. I use the time to clear my head and reply to a few sms’s and emails. I also love Pilates and Yoga, in fact so much so that I’m hoping to do my Pilates teacher trainer course this year so I can bring out my own series of Pilates Dvd’s.

What’s next for Tania Zaetta?

Now I’m living back in Australia and have finished off most of my overseas contracts I can start looking at getting a regular show on Aussie screens and also looking at a regular gig on radio with a breakfast or drive time show. In the past its always been hard for me to commit to a radio gig for 12 months because I’d usually have to race off overseas for something.

I’m also getting more into online media, business and TV shows via my website and facebook pages given that it’s the way forward for the future. You can find me at:

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman, to me, means I can be strong and independent while also being nurturing, caring and compassionate. I think it’s beautiful that women can provide strength to those around them while also wanting to be protected, held and cared for by a soulmate. Being a woman means finding a beautiful balance of being able to do everything and anything we desire, we are unique.

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