Le Reve Fragranced Natural Candles

I find it difficult to review candles, there is only so much you can say – but I did just discover one that smells so divine it could almost be edible and it is well worth writing about.

New from party plan company Le Reve is their Fragranced Natural Candle range, and the one that is burning brightly in my home is the Tahitian Vanilla fragrance. As soon as I took this out of the box I had to light it, and while there are other benefits and features I am struggling to get past the scrumptious scent.

tahitian candle

These candles are made from 100% natural soy with a pure cotton wick, which is a safe, non toxic wax alternative and there is no animal involvement or testing – so even true vegans can enjoy the aroma.

The Fragranced Natural Candles from Le Reve are a generous size starting at 500g which will give you an approximate burn time of 95 hours and they are packaged in an elegant glass jar which will suit any decor.

The candles are Made in Australia and will add a little bit of luxury to your home or office…and you will have your guests wondering what is cooking!

A 500g  Fragranced Natural Candle has an RRP of $44.50

You can purchase online at www.lereve.com.au or call 1300 662 840 to find your nearest sales consultant.

6 thoughts on “Le Reve Fragranced Natural Candles

  1. I absolutely love these candles they are just amazing, I love that they smell gorgeous whether you light them or not my house smells devine!!!

  2. I also love these candles. There are 8 beautiful fragrances to choose from; Tahitian Vanilla, Hawaiian Frangipani, Fresh Coffee, Sweet Lemongrass, Tia Maria & Vanilla, Carribean Cocktail, Caramel Butterscotch, & Wild Gardenia. Some are good enough to eat, and they smell just as good unlit.

  3. These have to be the best things that Le Réve could have brought to the business. I absolutely adore them. I personally have the large ‘Caribbean Cocktail’ Candle, and have already burned it for the first time, and OMFG! (For those of you who can guess what the f is for) Lol, Even my fiancé said he wants me to leave the lid off now when we are at home. Our home is now finally, a home, becoz we have the Le Réve products in our lives. Trust me, no home should be without them. Do not hesitate to contact your local independent Le Réve Consultant for your very own pamper session/rendezvous. And if you don’t have one yet, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, at Le Réve!!!

  4. The candles are just superb. I have the Coffee in the Kitchen, Sweet Lemon Grass in the Bathroom and Hawaiian Frangipani in the Family Room. House smell devine!!!. Just Love Them.

  5. these candles are awful- they do not even have any scent whils burning! And everytime I burn them my husband and I get a head ache.

  6. @ Amanda your probably allergic to the candle or you must of bought the wrong one, coz the ones I buy they are devine.

    however I want to know if you use the candle on your body or is it only design for making the house smell nice

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