Life’s Too Short: Don’t Wait For The New Year To Make Your Resolutions

Life’s too short to sit and wait around. If you’ve got goals or ambitions, don’t waste the next few months waiting for the New Year to come around. January 1st is not the only day of the year you can make resolutions. Why not make them today or tomorrow? If you’re hoping to better yourself, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Travel More

Do you spend your days flicking through impossibly beautiful images of beaches, temples or national parks? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us suffer from constant wanderlust. The difference comes when you stop dreaming and start doing. Take a trip, book spontaneous flights, or tick off those places you’ve always wanted to go. Sometimes, there may be obstacles in your way. But you can often find ways of overcoming them. Traveling isn’t just about seeing stunning sights. It’s also an incredible way of learning more about yourself and other people. It teaches you things you could never learn in a classroom or office, and it gives you memories to cherish forever.


Give Up Smoking

This is one of the most common New Year resolutions, but it’s also one of the best. Smoking harms almost every organ in your body. It can also affect your social life, and there’s a financial cost involved. If you manage to give up smoking, the health benefits will be immeasurable. You’ll also save yourself a lot of money. Quitting smoking is no walk in the park, but there are people that can help. Your doctor can advise you about treatments such as nicotine replacement therapy and group support, for example. You can also adopt some self-help techniques. Changing your routine, steering clear of other smokers, and writing a list of reasons you want to quit can all help.


Lose Weight

Another high-flier in the list of resolutions, losing weight is a goal that can have major benefits for your health and your confidence. All bodies are beautiful, but there’s no shame in taking control of your appearance. Just make sure you’re doing so for the right reasons. If you’re overweight, you might feel uncomfortable around others or unhappy when you look in the mirror. But perhaps more importantly, you’re also putting your health at risk. Being overweight increases your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. It can be a long, hard road, but it’s worth the effort. If you’re interested in losing weight, there is a wealth of information online, and your doctor is a great place to start. Focus on your diet, and adopt a healthy approach to weight loss. It may take time to notice a difference, but it’s best to stick to a sustainable program. Eat healthily and try and exercise regularly. You may also wish to consider taking supplements to boost your health or try options like Isagenix products. Remember, though, to only lose weight in a healthy way. If you don’t you will actually end up harming your body in the long run.


Time flies, and before you know it, months, even years have passed. If you’re keen to make changes in your life, don’t wait around. Take action now. By the time we get to January 1st, you could have already made incredible strides towards your goals. Good luck!

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  1. Tell others how much you appreciate them/love them/care for them! Personal relationships are super important, don’t regret not telling someone how you really feel.

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