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Michelle Bridges is the much loved and uncompromising, yet compassionate trainer from The Biggest Loser and has just launched a new online personal training event called the 12 Week Body Transformation.

This is not a weight loss program – it’s a body transformation program. Register at www.12wbt.com, or check out Michelle’s website for more details (www.michellebridges.com.au)

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Thank you to everyone who wrote in, this month Michelle Bridges answers some of your health and fitness questions:

Dear Michelle,

I have had 2 children, and now have ME time and have them settled, and have just started back at the gym, and need to know the best exercises/classes/gym equipment etc should I be doing to tone my flabby tummy up and my whole body in general?

I love the spin classes, and try to do them 2 times a week to prevent boredom. My diet is pretty good and I follow a gluten and wheat free diet, so no probs there.

I drink 2 litres of water a day and try to get enough sleep as well.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Michelle!

Don’t fall into the trap of over-emphasising abdominal training, you’ll be better off conditioning your ENTIRE body, and letting the abs come along for the ride! Get stuck into a regular six day routine of three days cardio training (spin classes, circuits, high impact classes), two days of weight training and one day devoted to stretching and core training.

Three of those sessions should be gut busters, and the other three still pretty intense. Add some ab exercises at the end of the weights and cardio sessions.

Dear Michelle,

I am taking the steroid, prendilisone, and I have put on 10kgs, mostly around my middle. I walk for 40 minutes 4 times a week and eat a balanced diet. Do you have any suggestions to help?



Hi Cheryl!

Weight gain is a side effect of many pharmaceuticals, and exercise and diet whilst taking them should always be approached in collaboration with your healthcare practitioner.

On face of it though girlfriend that 40 minute walk 4 times a week ain’t working for ya! I don’t know what condition you’re taking predilisone for, but if it doesn’t stop you from exercising then it’s time to ramp it up.

Start by adding a jog into the run , say five minutes running then five minutes walking and then gradually increase the running content. THEN you’ll be seeing that weight come off! Check your calorie intake as well.

Dear Michelle,

My question is that although I’m happily about a size 10-12 I cannot get rid of that wrinkly belly flab after having my child who is now 5 (I’m 38). What is the best form of exercise where I can directly focus on this area to improve it.



Hi Suze!

Tense your abdominals and feel your tummy with your fingertips. If you can’t feel some good quality muscle under there then it’s time to get some, as this will ultimately help get your figure back! Get into a TOTAL body conditioning routine (see Michelle’s answer above) to trim and tone not only your midsection but your entire body.

But let me say this loud and clear – there are many factors that determine whether or not a flabby midsection can be returned to its pre-pregnancy state. However although there’s no guarantees, it’s no coincidence that most Mums that get their tummy back ARE regular exercisers!

Dear Michelle,

We have chooks and my husband loves eating omelettes, he would eat eggs every day if he could. His mother keeps telling us they are high in cholesterol and he should be very careful – is this true and how many eggs are ok?


Hi Helen!

An egg yolk contains around 250 – 300mg of cholesterol, but determining whether or not your husband is eating too many eggs is not as simple as adding that figure into the diet equation. The bad rap that eggs had for many years during your mother-in-law’s era has been largely discredited by recent studies.

Current thinking is that four or five eggs a week is fine, but the best way to determine if your husband is in-taking too much cholesterol is to have his cholesterol level checked. If he has levels of 5mmol/l or less, and doesn’t have a diet high in animal fats, he should be fine. If he has levels above 7mmol/l or has diabetes or hypertension, then he should see his dietician and his diet should be adjusted accordingly.

Dear Michelle,

I exercise regularly but I can’t seem to get rid of my jiggly thighs, I have lost weight from everywhere else (including my bust) but this area won’t budge. Please help!!

Thank you,

Hi Taylor!

CONSISTENCY girlfriend is the key. Genetically we all have stubborn areas, and they often appear more stubborn when other areas respond quickly. Don’t lose heart!! Keep whittling away and keep your diet CLEAN.

Do that, and remember that every time you train those jiggly thighs are losing their jigglability, even though you don’t think they are. And if there’s any gas left in the tank at the end of your training sessions then you know what to do – unleash your inner warrior!!! She’s BUSTING to get out! Yeaaah!

4 thoughts on “Michelle Bridges – Ask an Expert

  1. Hi Michelle
    Im a 16 year old who is pretty skinny i love my body except for my stomach! my stomach is pretty big and im so confused because i exercise everyday for around an hour either jogging or on the exercise bike, i also do push ups and sit ups every night. Not only do i exercise but i eat fairly well i have cut out a lot of the junk i used to eat and i eat fruit and vegies! Nothings changed i have done this for a year and a half and my stomach hasn’t changed! i want to get my stomach fat gone by November cause i have my formal! Please help me im getting so tired of trying and getting no results!
    Thank you tonnes 😀

  2. Hi Michelle, I have started eating healthy around a 1000 calories a day.. I have always been over weight.. I just have one question, what exercise other than swimming can you do if you have two bulging discs in your back… I do walk but by the end of it I am in so much pain.. My hips are not the best either. i am supposed to have two spinal fusions but due to being on warfarin they wont do it.. They are telling me to loose weight and tighten my stomach muscles up.. Thankyou so much… I always watch the biggest looser great show..

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I always eat healthy, and never over eat, I do exercise 3 times a week, and the only thing thats bothering me is the small bloating on my stomach. Do u have any idea why im bloated? And how I could reduce it to become a flat stomach
    Thanks 🙂

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