Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Win an iPod Nano

Mitsubishi are working towards a cleaner future with the new i-MiEV, Australia’s first all electric car. Imagine coming home and plugging your car into the wall so that it is ready to go for work the next day?

The name i-MiEV stands for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle and while it may seem like something from a science fiction movie, the future really is at arms reach.

To help introduce the new vehicle, Mitsubishi have created a virtual city and are giving away iPod Nanos. You can find out all the details and get a sneak preview of the car in this short video:

The car will charge while you sleep in approximately seven hours, and it is quiet and efficient to run.

For more information visit the micro site – Welcome to Tomorrow from Mitsubishi.

8 thoughts on “Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Win an iPod Nano

  1. wow easily charged and a full charge in 7 hours, its faster and more efficient than my mobile phone. It seems so easy to use, its small and compact. I love it

  2. Seriously amazing , so quiet, no loud annoyign chugging and no polluting emissions. Who wouldnt want such a compact and pocket size car

  3. Well first thought was I love its appearence, its very cute and something I can picture myself driving. I also like that its cheaper to run but am a little concerned about how it would run on long car trips. I love that it is friendlier to the environment with zero drive-time emissions. I think its very innovative and definately a great option for the future 🙂 Its something I would be very open to considering.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a cute little car. Whisper quiet motor means I will be able to hear the music better. 🙂 Charges in 7 hours by plugging it in to your own home power source, so charge the car while your sleeping just like the phone. The furtherest away I tend to drive in about 45 minutes so this would be the perfect type of car for someone like me. So if you break down somewhere is there an RAA equivilent or could you buy electricity in hour recharge blocks. Go to a garage and plug in your car instead of putting petrol in.
    This is an amazing idea for the future (sooner that we think) and for our environment. We don’t really need faster cars so if this doesn’t let you drive as fast then to me thats a wonderful thing. Less speeding – less accidents – less deaths.

  5. Oh how cute!! I love that it charges while you sleep; and no more queing up at the petrol station on Tuesday’s trying to get the (slightly) cheaper fuel!

    The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is officially on my wish list!

  6. What a little beauty!! The driver certainly wouldn’t miss much looking through that gigantic front windscreen! Its quirky and cute but looks aside, there is alot more than meets the eye with this car, the green factor being my favourite. Not only is the i-MiEV’s zero emissions saving the future environment for our generations to come, hopefully this savvy style of car will bring a beginning to the end of the worlds power struggle over oil/fuel. I can picture myself cruising up the coast in one of these babys!

  7. Quiet, economical and clean. No more smelly fumes or grubby hands with fiddling under the bonnet. I just hate to get my hands dirty. Sounds like heaven to me.

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