Month of Love Giveaway: Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood Pen

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I’m not sure about you but I love receiving heartfelt and handwritten words from my loved one.

The rise of electronic technology saw a fall in the popularity of the handwritten word but it seems the trend is reversing with an increase in fountain pen and ink sales.

Recently a survey revealed that writing a love letter by hand is one of the most romantic things you can do according to 90 percent of Australians surveyed. This Valentine’s Day will see 77 percent of them pen a card to their loved one and 80 percent have hand written a love letter.

I wasn’t surveyed but I certainly agree and would have been in those figures if I was. I would be happy with just a handwritten card on Valentine’s Day but I also think that February 14th is just one day and it is important to make sure our loved ones are appreciated all year round. A brand new Fountain Pen would mean that leaving little love notes for your partner would be easy any day of the year.

There are many reasons for the resurgence in handwriting and technology free hobbies like colouring in. They aid in relaxation and help retain some of the nostalgia and skill of handwriting of the past, skills that are being lost with the prevalence of technological communications.

A recent report shows that the import of fountain pens and inks has risen and sales of Pilot prestige pens has increased 200% in the last 12 months.

Customers include students looking to improve their handwriting, older people looking to regain penmanship skills lost by years spent working on computers and professionals who are using fountain pens as accessories to complete their look.

To celebrate the resurgence of the handwritten word and the romance of sharing it with your loved ones we have 3 Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood Pens to giveaway to lucky readers.

RRP: $31.50

For your chance to win tell us in the comment section below what is the most romantic thing that has ever been done for you.

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50 thoughts on “Month of Love Giveaway: Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood Pen

  1. Cleaning up the dishes I dropped on the floor when I received bad news. Masses of broken crockery and I returned to find a spotless kitchen, the best present I could have ever received! Thanks!

  2. MY Husband booked a cruise that actually we can celebrate our 45th Wedding Anniversary while visiting Mare in the South Pacific very Romantic

  3. My boyfriend once got up in front of everyone in a pub and sang “Iris” with the band that was playing there and dedicated it to me. Now he doesnt have a great voice – in fact I think he may be tone deaf, but, that made it even sweeter…

  4. My husband brought me flowers from Woolworth’s and told me he only got them because they were marked down to under half price haha….. That’s about as romantic as I have ever got but to be fair, we were strapped for money back then and it is the thought that counts.

  5. Valentine’s Day spent in labour with youngest and feeling none too beautiful or romantic. Hubby organised my friend to side mini makeover. Then we had a romantic dinner in the hospital gardens, red roses and all.

  6. My husband proposed to me.. he got a babysitter, hired a houseboat, 3 course meal with menu and ring for dessert! Very sweet

  7. The most romantic thing that has happened to me was a number of years ago when I was first married. I worked in an office with several staff and on valentine’s day a delivery was made to our office… all the staff were called to the front office … not thinking the flowers and chocolates were fro me I joined in with the number of jokes were being made by everyone guessing who this delivery was for… I went very red when my boss read the card out and revealed they were for me….. I was not expecting this as my partner was not one for public displays of affection…. I felt very special all day and night….

  8. One year I received a beautiful leather writing case with my name engraved on the front and inside was pretty embossed paper and matching envelopes I like writing letters to my family

  9. my partner at the time, shouted a hotel room for me very early in the morning as I was really sick after a night out,we only stayed in it for about 2 hours

  10. my husband organised a video from my family in Scotland especially my Nanna who couldnt make our wedding it was so special to me – he did a whole compilation of photos to music then the video came in he played this during our reception ! serious tears were shed !!!

  11. My ten year old daughter knew I had no valentine she made me a card and picked me flowers .
    Told me how special I was in the card n how loved I was .
    Ps she informed me I don’t need a valentine lol

  12. My husband bought me 2 tickets to one of my favourite musicals to take me out on a date (even though he hates going to them)

  13. Stuck in peak hour traffic, traffic at a crawl, two lanes closed, open one congested as hell, not to forget the torrential rain. Not the sort of traffic you’d pull over and lose your place in. But he did, suddenly, out of the blue, swerved to the curb, hazard lights on, seat belt off, as he threw himself towards me, for he needed to kiss me right there, right then. So romantic, a moment I will never forget. Shame he wasn’t as faithful as he was deliriously romantic.

  14. My boyfriend knew I’d liked this particular book so he went back to the store to buy it for me. He also bought me a book about Ryan Gossling (my number 1 celebrity crush!) I love books!

  15. Instead of me being the spoiled one, I decided to spoil my precious hubby instead, for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. I booked a secluded outdoor table at a vineyard restaurant, the atmosphere perfect. We indulged in a 3 course meal, sharing a decadent chocolate dessert and then I presented him with a printed plaque that I’d had made up for him. I’d written him a poem in commemoration of our time together. His reaction spectacular. It made our celebratory dinner the most memorable for both of us. (Here is my poem to him)

    Our eyes met over a crowded bus
    The air was so electric
    He pushed his way past one then three
    To get to where I stood

    He gave me a big smile
    My heart skipped a beat
    I thought he would continue on
    But he stopped to say hello to me
    Then asked me out – fear gone

    From that day on we haven’t parted
    And the years have flown on by
    We were childhood sweethearts back at school
    And now 30 years have gone by

    I think back to that fateful day
    So thankful he came my way
    Fused at the hip the school would say
    And it’s no different this very day

  16. Finished my first day at work and came home to find my hubby had set me up a nice candle-lit bath to relax my aching body in.

  17. The most romantic thing that has ever been done for me is surprising me with diamond earrings, flowers and chocolates.

  18. Writing letters to me every couple I days while we were apart. We were apart from each other for a couple of months.

  19. The Mister gave me a dozen rose bushes. His thinking was that he was done and dusted because now I could grow my own flowers. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

  20. my partner sent me a dozen red roses at work with a card that said will you be my valentine, we have been together 20 yrs now

  21. My fiance does the cooking, washing and cleaning around the house – this is new age romance! I’m a very lucky girl!

  22. It’s actually hard to pick the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, because my husband has had some very good moments! One of the most special to me was on our first wedding anniversary. He’d had an eternity ring handmade to match my engagement ring. And when he gave it to me, he said “This first year with you has absolutely convinced me that I want to be with you forever. So I don’t want to want for some designated moment, like our first baby, or ten years. I want to give you an eternity ring now. There’s no reason to wait.”

  23. Money was tight but still my fav thing – he baked a big chocolate cake and spelled out I (heart) you in miniature marshmallows on the cake

  24. My initials carved into a candle, a beautiful dinner setting, flower petals scattered everywhere and dinner prepared.

  25. Most romantic would have to be hubby buying the rest of the bucket of flowers , a road side flower seller had and bringing them home to me. He had to carry them on the bus he was the driver in his cab and then bring them home in his car. My second son’s reaction was “What have you done now ?” to his father. He handed them to me and I said thank you. It is the thought that counts as I have sense of smell, the flowers were very colourful.

  26. Beautiful handwritten notes; one of a kind
    Captivated my heart with love intrinsically entwined
    Words to say how thankful and blessed we are
    Through all the years; now, near and far!.

  27. Like many girls my partner planned a “romantic” proposal. It was easter and we traded gifts. I got a plush Lindt rabbit. Which i loved. “But look inside” he said. There were of course chocolates… yum. “Keep looking” he said. Far up my Lindt rabbit was the engagement ring. A rabbit lover i found this terribly romantic

  28. Unfortunately romantic gestures have not featured in my life very often til now , however I do have fond memories of a very young love, a teenage boy, who offered me his hand when I was about to stumble while on a school bush walk.. Not only did he save me from embarrassment in front of my peers, but the warmth of his hand and the smile in his eyes have stayed with me in my heart for 54 years.

  29. Very early on in our relationship, when we were both poor uni students, he brought me a bowl of muesli in bed for breakfast, with a red rose picked from the garden laid across it.

  30. One of our very first dates was a romantic (& delicious!) riverside picnic under the stars. The most beautiful setting and the weather was perfect. After desert he handed me an envelope. In the envelope was a gorgeous little pack explaining all about the star he had bought and named after me!! Needless to say we spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out where the heck the star actually was! It was a very romantic gesture and an unforgettable date. He sure did set the bar high.

  31. It was the end of harvest the cause of 14th February chosen for wedding day by ‘farm boy” husband. …. nothing to do with Valentine’s Day! However the shops with Valentine’s Day merchandise displayed for weeks remind him of two things…. our anniversary and Valentine’s Day. I get a rose, every year without fail.

  32. My husband got me a movie I’d been wanting to watch and cooked me an amazing 3 course meal whilst I got to put my feet up…Bliss!

  33. My husband is a wood freak and spends most of his time in his man cave making beautiful furniture and small pieces for the kitchen. I think he would love this pen.

  34. My Husband gave me a floral arrangement for our 25th anniversary. These were the first and only flowers I have ever received.

  35. After meeting for 3 days at a wedding in Europe, my ‘love’ flew 3 months later from the UK to Aus to be with me. We were together for 7 years, even though we didn’t know each other at all. Our first weeks were asking things like ‘do you like coriander?’ or ‘So, can you drive?’ Was one big romantic adventure!

  36. For 6 years of love, i am 23 now, i always send to my love the hand-written letter on valentine, christmas, new year,… Everytime i give it to her, she hugs me for awhile and say “thank you darling”. And btw, she really hates the message of special events when i send to her by mobile phone

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