The problem of cup ownership is widespread – who hasn’t heard the cries of ‘which one was your cup?’, ‘where did you leave your cup?’ and no-one can ever be sure which was their cup.

Everyone has been in a situation, through childhood and at adult parties, where everyone is drinking out of generic cups. Even if they aren’t identical or plastic they are still all the same. The minute there’s a couple of empties sitting around no-one can be sure which was theirs. Adult parties give you the bonus of being able to smell the cup, which will only help if you are drinking something different.


This is a situation repeated in day care centres, at children’s parties and on sporting grounds every day. Not to mention the regularity in private homes, I know it happens in my house every day!

What happens at this point when no-one can pinpoint their own cup? 9 times out of 10 it means a new cup! This leads to lots of unnecessary wastage in the case of plastic cups or extra dishes if they happen to be glasses.

Shelly Zimmerman of Alice Springs recognised this for the drain on resources that it is and formulated a solution!

MyColourCup is a durable cup that will display names on the unique rotatable band. Each band has colour coded squares for six different names which makes it easy to personalise and reuse again and again.

Ms Zimmerman created these cups after being unable to find anything like it to solve this problem in her own home. This product gives families the ability to easily adjust the visible name and assist each member to keep track of their own cup which will eliminate, or minimise at least, the arguments over who belongs to which cup.

MyColourCups are a sustainable option for businesses as well. Those that host parties can use these to save on cup usage as well as being a personal memento that can actually be reused. The business name can be included on the cup and it can be personalised at the party or at a later time.

These cups will definitely save water through minimised washing and help reduce the use of disposable cups that would ultimately end  up in landfill which makes them a greener solution and sustainable.

MyColourCups are BPA free and top shelf dishwasher safe. They are 500ml cups which makes them a versatile size for all ages.

Available in a set of 4 for $18.99 or 6 for $24.99

For more information or to get your own personalised cups please visit:

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