Nearly half of Australians don’t know how to use their oven properly

New findings from Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg reveals that Australian home cooks aren’t making the most of their ovens, with nearly half of respondents who use an oven (49%) admitting to not fully understanding how to use the majority of their oven settings.

Interestingly, when it does come to putting their ovens to use, the research found that two-thirds (64%) of Australians who use an oven, will set theirs to 180 degrees fan-forced, regardless of what they’re cooking, despite a host of other functions available for use. Among the full list of settings, conventional, fan-forced and fan-forced full baked are the three main functions most commonly used (86%).

Despite home chefs not making full use of their oven, there is a hunger to learn more about the different settings, with 44% of respondents who use an oven indicating so. To encourage Australian kitchen enthusiasts to go beyond their culinary comfort zone, Smeg has released a six-part mini-series hosted by Italian chef and actress Silvia Colloca.

The series follows six Australian personalities as they create different recipes and trial new cooking techniques with the brand new Smeg Galileo oven:

  • Erin Holland, presenter
  • Anthony Callea, singer
  • Tim Campbell, actor
  • Dilruk Jayasinha, comedian
  • Eliza Stankovic-Mowle, Paralympian
  • Adam Le Fondre, footballer

Each episode aims to debunk common misconceptions and give home cooks the confidence to explore new recipes and methods while putting the new Galileo’s multi- cooking technology to the test.

Celebrity chef and actress Silvia Colloca comments, “Sometimes life gets so busy that when it comes to cooking, we stick to the comfort of the 180°C fan-forced setting. With Smeg’s new Galileo multi-cooking technology, creativity is reborn. The new oven gives home cooks the confidence to discover different ways to create delicious meals, all at the touch of a button.”

The Galileo multi-cooking technology represents a new generation of Smeg ovens, incorporating the latest innovations set to revolutionise cooking as Australians know it and saving cooking time by up to 70%. Alongside traditional oven settings, this new technology from Smeg allows users to barbecue, air fry, steam, microwave and even cook on stone in a full-size oven.

In addition to a range of settings for every home cook, the Smeg Galileo multi-cooking technology introduces two cooking game-changing features, Multistep and Sametime. Multistep is the answer for stress-free cooking by letting you take culinary control. Ideal for busy families or people on the go, users can set their oven once to effortlessly master even the most complicated recipes by sequentially setting traditional, steam and microwave technology.

For home entertainers, Sametime takes the stress out of entertaining to make it easier than ever to create a feast timed to perfection. As the ultimate cooking coordinator, Sametime allows for two dishes to be planned, synchronised and cooked at the same time, with no transfer of taste or smell.

For more information, please visit the Smeg website at, and to view the content series showcasing the Smeg Galileo multi-cooking technology, visit

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2 thoughts on “Nearly half of Australians don’t know how to use their oven properly

  1. Moving to our new digs, they actually put in all Smeg appliances. We have a Smeg oven but it’s not digital or anything like that but it is fan forced and has a self-clean (although I don’t think it worked too well so cleaned the oven with something else).

    I just find ours hard to use as it doesn’t have 190deg and to turn it on I have to put the timer onto the left and then the temp and what I need like fan forced before the oven even starts. A lot different to my one we put in our rennovated kitchen ages ago.

    Off to at least watch the Smeg one you mentioned now. Might give me some tips 🙂

    1. We have been living in our house for 5+ years and I’m still the only one who knows how to turn our oven on

      Unfortunately, ours isn’t self-cleaning!

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