Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Nike and TomTom have come together to create a fitness focused watch which is suitable for both beginners and expert runners. As you would expect from the partnership, TomTom have taken this watch and given it GPS which allows you to accurately track your running.

In addition to the inbuilt tracking, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS offers a range of customisable features which include time, distance, pace, and calories burned during your run.

General features include a backlight (activated by tapping the screen), stopwatch, alarm and the ability to connect to some heart rate monitors as well as the shoe-based Nike+ Sensor.

As someone who finds it quite difficult to get motivated to exercise, I like the ease of use that this watch offers. It gives you a virtual “pat on the back” when you complete your first run, or beat your personal best with inspirational messages appearing on the screen. This was something that took me by surprise and put a smile on my face as I was trying to catch my breath!

nike sportswatch tomtom

There is a buzzing online community which this watch connects you to (, and allows you to upload your times and track your progress. The cleverness of this watch sees the USB inbuilt into the band – you will always have it on hand unless you happen to lose the watch!

For me, there was only one downside to this watch and that is the fact that the face is quite large and my wrist is quite thin –  it took me a while to get used to the bulkiness (as in size, not in weight), but now it feels fine.

The feature rich Nike+ SportWatch GPS will change the way you exercise and may just give you the incentive you need to get back out there. After using this watch I see no reason why it wouldn’t be of benefit to walkers too.

A positive partnership between two high quality brands. Available in a selection of colours.

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