Pilot Pen MR3 Fountain Pens

When Pilot Pen asked 1400 Australian women whether they think pens can be a fashion statement, 90% said yes. This comes as no surprise to me as a stationery obsessed 30 something year old. Since email has taken over, the art of writing has gotten a little lost, but there is something lovely about a handwritten note which can never be replaced. What Pilot Pen has done is quite special, by releasing a fashionable range of quality fountain pens which not only look good but will give you the joy that comes from creative writing.

Not only do the pens come in a range of must-have colours, but so do the premium iroshizuku inks you can pair them with.

I have been rocking the purple, complete with matching ink and it didn’t take much to get the hang of it. The pens fit nicely in your hand, and will change the way you view writing – no longer something mundane but a relaxing task! As pictured above there are six shades to choose from and numerous inks.

These would make a unique gift idea or something you can spoil yourself with! You will want to collect them all. The pens have an RRP of $38.25 each and the inks are $29.95 for a 50ml bottle.

Happy writing!

For further information and stockists, visit www.pilotpen.com.au.

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