Quirky Office Stationery Facts

Staples is the world’s largest office supplies company and they have just joined us in Australia with the launch of www.staples.com.au. They offer a simple solution for small business customers in NSW and the ACT to order all their office supplies online.

Along with the big Australian launch Staples have conducted a survey to see what interesting office information they could come up with and some of the findings were rather interesting.

Post It Notes, we all know that Post Its are a life changing invention but did you know that 1 in 3 Australians admit to having used a Post It to avoid an awkward conversation?

Or, and this bit isn’t quite as surprising, 41 percent of women use the sticky squares as a form of expression compared to 29 percent of men.

Stiletto tape dispenser(For the girl who has everything – Stiletto tape dispenser)

Apparently Australian workplaces have now become the site for a new phenomenon – ‘stationery envy’. 37 percent of Australians experience bouts of jealousy if they think someone has better stationery than them.

According to survey results 18 percent of Australians lock their stationery in their drawers while 11 percent have issued verbal warnings to try and protect it from thieving colleagues, come to think of it I’ve done both and neither worked.

Over 56 percent of participants listed their biggest office pet hates as empty staplers, leaky pens, dry whiteboard markers and printer jams, beating out awful managers with 43 percent.

On a slightly more disturbing side of the survey were the hygiene answers, it appears that there is a lack of effort in that area.

49 percent of participants admit that they never disinfect their desk. There were also 33 percent who chew their pens which is definitely something to keep in mind next time you borrow or steal someone else’s pen.

Relying on the memory for important business deadlines isn’t very popular these days. 88 percent use alerts and reminder notes.

First impressions can easily be made more professional looking and organised by attending with a diary.

Thought provoking results that may have you rethinking some of your own office habits and while you do that why not check out what’s on offer at the new Australian branch of Staples at: www.staples.com.au

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