Range Rover Evoque

Are you ready to upgrade to a new car? Having trouble deciding what it is that you want?

There are millions of choices we make every day, and every choice has consequences. Consequences that change the path of our life, even if only minutely. Every action we make is the result of a choice and some of them are totally subconscious, the choices we make when we’re not making choices.

Deciding on a new car is not one of those choices. A new car is a huge decision and one that you are going to have to live with for a long time in most cases.

This is why the team at Range Rover Evoque have come up with a fun little campaign to help you make the decision.

Being Henry is an interactive video where you get to make choices for the terminally indecisive Henry. The further you move into the video the more choices you get to make for Henry.

There are numerous paths you can choose for Henry and it’s entertaining to sit back and watch how his day plays out for him. I’m having a little giggle checking out all the different things I can make him do at the moment.

Ultimately, the choices that you make for Henry relate to what you would like to find in your new Range Rover Evoque. The choices you make for Henry’s day tell an interesting tale about what you are looking for in your new car.

What colour would you like? How big a Range Rover Evoque do you require? Which model suits your personality? All of these important questions are answered by the choices you make for Henry.

Have a play, check it out and see what your choices say about your desires for a new car!

Check out the video above to tell you more about the fun you will find for yourself in Being Henry.

For more information about the Being Henry campaign head over and check them out on the web: http://helloevoque.com/beinghenry

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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