RECIPE: Pecan Potato Salad

We’re heading ever closer to Christmas with December almost upon us and many of us are starting to think about the all important menu. Pecans are a very festive sounding nut, for me the very name evokes Christmassy images, so this year why not add this delicious Pecan Potato Salad to the menu.

Pecans are packed with essential nutrients to help us stay healthy, they contain over 19 vitamins and minerals. What better reason is there to add them to your dining table? They also help heart health, lower cholesterol and contain five times more antioxidants than raw broccoli.

That is all great information to have but it was enough for me to know they taste great and this salad looks divine. So join me this festive season by adding this salad to your Christmas dinner:

Pecan Potato Salad

You Need:

1kg potatoes
6 spring onions
½ red capsicum
3 rashers bacon
1 cup bean sprouts
¾ cup Pecans, halves or chopped
½ cup French dressing


1. Cook potatoes, then peel and dice
2. Slice spring onions and capsicum, cook bacon and chop
3. Combine all ingredients except French dressing and lettuce, toss lightly
4. Turn into lettuce-lined bowl and pour over dressing just before serving

Serves 6-8

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