Recipe: SKI Mixed Summer Berry Panna Cotta with Yoghurt

This October whether you are involved in a Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser or just a lover of desserts try this new SKI yoghurt recipe, it’s pretty in pink and looks absolutely delicious.

If you are hosting a Morning Tea, High Tea of Girls’ Night In this would make a perfect addition to any menu. It was developed by SKI to complement their partnership with the McGrath Foundation and their pledge to donate $350,000. The 1kg tubs have turned pink to raise awareness and now you can deliciously do your bit by checking out this divine looking Panna Cotta – I know I’ll be making at least one.

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SKI Mixed Summer Berry Panna Cotta with Yoghurt

Preparation time: 15 minutes plus 2 hours to set
Serves: 4x 250ml

2 Leaf gelatine sheets (14g)
150g Summer berries, fresh or frozen
125g Fresh raspberries
350ml Ski D’lite Smashed Berry yoghurt (99% fat free)
400ml Reduced fat milk
30g Caster sugar
100g Ski Divine Vanilla Creme yoghurt

1. In a bowl add some cold water and the leaf gelatine; the leaf gelatine should be covered with the water.
2. In a saucepan add the sugar and the milk, place on stove and heat up, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Bring the milk mixture just to the boil and take off the heat.
3. In a food processor blend the summer berries to a puree.
4. Remove the gelatine sheets from the cold water, they should be soft and pliable, add them to the hot milk mixture and stir through until dissolved.
5. Add the summer berry puree and the berry yoghurt to the hot milk mixture and stir through.
6. Pour the finished hot milk mixture into serving glasses and place in the refrigerator to set (minimum time 2 hours).

To Serve Using a tablespoon scoop a spoon full of vanilla yoghurt on top of the panna cotta. Arrange fresh raspberries on top of the vanilla yoghurt and serve.

For more information about the McGrath Foundation you can find them here:
To find out more about SKI and the range of flavours you can find them here:

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