REVIEW: getsorted Furniture

There is no such thing as too much storage and I’ve been putting my flat pack skills to the test with getsorted, a range of storage options that the brand describes as easy to install. I recently put together a multi-use shelf and drawer system.

The beauty of getsorted is you can mix and match however you like, the components all came separately but I ended up with a storage unit with two shelves and two drawers.


Let me start by saying I’m not the kind of girl who is good with a hammer, and I really appreciate the fact that no hammering was required to put this together. Besides what came with the set, almost all that was required for the whole project were two screwdrivers (a flat head and the one that looks like a star? I’m not off to a good start, am I?).

There I was, surrounded by wooden panels and metal shelving, and in all honestly the instructions were easy to follow and I had myself something that resembled half a book shelf in no time.

My confidence was high and it was time to tackle the drawers, my three year old was applauding and I had two nice looking drawers with handles all ready to go into the unit. This is the first time that I hit a roadblock, it was a little difficult to secure the drawer slider into the cabinet, the holes in the metal weren’t quite big enough for the screws so some force was required. If I had a drill handy it would have been a big help…or my husband, but I was determined to prove that getsorted was, in fact, easy to install. So, a bit of complaining and a bit of muscle later I had the sliders in (I am calling them sliders but that might not be the technical name for them.)

get sorted

That wasn’t really a big deal, but this is when I hit my next hurdle. I couldn’t get the drawers in, and I tried everything and was sure I had all the positioning set up but there my little cabinet sat, drawless until my in laws came over. Enter mother in law, the kind of woman who sees an unfinished project and just has to finish it. She put her handy cap on and with a bit of maneuvering – I did have everything correct but it just required a bit of force and magic it seems, and my drawers are in and the cabinet now works like a charm. And somehow, in the process, my laundry magically got folded too – say what you will about mother in laws, but I think I will keep mine!

All in all I am happy with the finished product, it is strong and sturdy and is quite spacious. Sometimes a little teamwork is required when it comes to flatpacks but the money you save is worth the extra effort you need to put in. I should also mention this was probably one of my more positive experiences when it comes to DIY furniture and all the parts were the right size. I would recommend getsorted, especially when comparing it to other similar brands.

The images shown aren’t of my little unit but they do give you an idea of the possibilities and uses that getsorted will give you.

You can find getsorted at your local Bunnings store.

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