REVIEW: Lorna Jane Tights

The Lorna Jane brand has gained a loyal following for their range of fashionable fitness and the LJ name (and the woman behind it) creates inspiration for women and girls everywhere.

Lorna Jane have an extensive range of clothing with new items being added regularly. Even though the prints on their tights may change, they are a staple item in the Lorna Jane collection and I have been trialling my first pair.

With the price of their tights around the ninety to the hundred dollar mark, you may be wondering what you are paying for. I’ve been wearing these for a range of different activities and in this feature I will compare them to a regular pair of fitness leggings from a department store with a much lower pricetag.

Firstly, let me start by saying – as pretty and motivating as having that logo is, it is not what you are paying the extra dollars for.

lorna jane tights


It’s winter and it’s cold but as cosy as tracksuit pants are, they aren’t very flattering. Let me tell you, the LJ tights are probably the only leggings you should wear as pants if you are conscious about your legs and behind.

Why? I’m a size 10 and I have a baby (and a toddler but he’s 3 so I can’t blame him for my curves anymore) and I have a few extra bits I didn’t have before. I put these on and I swear they suck everything in. Bum…slimmed. Love handles…smoothed. Lower tummy…tucked. Thighs…toned.

I did get a size XS so I would suggest trying them on because they are stretchy material and you might just be surprised what size you fit into. That being said, they stretch but they don’t stretch out of shape or shrink! These are also good for walking to the shops, they don’t look weird with walking shoes like jeans do and look fashionable enough you won’t be embarrassed to wear them in public. Comparing these to regular leggings they look and feel better on and you don’t get as much jiggle because the fabric is superior.

lorna jane tights


If I put these on in the morning, even to wear as regular pants, I find I end up doing some exercise during the day because I’m already dressed and ready to go. I wore these running and they are more comfortable for the purpose than anything else I own. I like that they absorb moisture so you stay dry.

It really gives you no excuse not to do something – even if you have to go out afterwards and don’t have a change of clothes you won’t be all sticky and sweaty. Once your body has cooled down you will feel all the happy happy feelings from going for the run without any bad left over running sweat.

Although the material does feel thicker and stronger than your regular old leggings, they are still breathable.


As I said in the day to day wear section, these are flattering and comfortable. There is no reason you can’t replace them with your normal leggings (you can get them in straight black) and dress them up a little with a pretty top.

Where did you get those legs?!

All in all I am feeling extremely positive about the experience, and honestly, these are worth every cent and I will be buying another pair.

There are a range of different colours and styles with varying lengths – check them out at

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