Salvos Stores Launch ‘Original Trendsetter’ Campaign

Salvos Stores is Australia’s largest charity recycler helping to re-home your quality pre-loved items. The profits from these stores go directly to The Salvation Army to help fund the various social programs and support they offer to the less fortunate – including 100,000 meals and 2,000 beds every week.

‘Original Trendsetter’ is a new campaign launched by Salvos Stores to celebrate vintage and as part of the campaign they will set up a one off pop-up store at Flinders Street Station on July 13, the pop-up will be open from 3-7pm.

Salvos Stores has become an Australian Institution in the very many years since they began reselling donated items in 1883. They have built a reputation as Australia’s leading stockist for pre-loved goods as they help those in need as well as the environment by recycling and reselling donated items.

Salvos Stores flyer

Salvos Stores contain a veritable treasure trove of clothing, accessories, household items and other goods from many different eras – the perfect range for 2012 when vintage is making a come back.

The month of July plays a large part in the Original Trendsetter campaign with Salvos Stores running a treasure hunt like never before. Every morning a specific item will be uploaded to the Salvos Stores Facebook page. Treasure Hunters need to get into Salvos Stores and snap a pic of the item and upload it to the Facebook page by midnight of that day. People who uncover Salvos Stores treasure will receive a 50% off clothing voucher that can be printed for use at any Salvos Stores across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

More information about Salvos Stores can be found at:

Treasure Hunt details can be found at:

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