Samsung GALAXY S 4 – Dinner Party

The Samsung GALAXY S4 is quickly becoming the phone of choice for many, as a feature rich mobile with impressive extras.

To promote the GALAXY S4, Samsung have created a series of Australian videos (a few faces might even be familiar to you) and “Dinner Party” is a funny and clever little ad. A group of friends are holding a dinner party and one man shows up with a new girlfriend who can’t speak English.

He quickly announces their relationship, and the fact he has just switched to the Samsung GALAXY S4. A girlfriend who can’t speak English? No worries if you have this smart phone as it has the ability to work as a translator (S Translator).

You can watch the video here:

Many of the features on this phone you would use regularly, with a 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED screen, 13 megapixel dual camera and music hub. The smart phone can even be used by swiping your hand at the Samsung GALAXY S4 when the Air View and Air Gesture features are activated.

Keep an eye out for more videos like this one in the Samsung GALAXY S4 series, and visit your preferred phone store to get connected with this exciting and innovative addition to the Samsung family.

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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