SchoolAid Christchurch Earthquake Emergency Appeal

SchoolAid is a non-profit organisation providing resources to principals and teachers which will help enable them to create caring, charitable children. SchoolAid assists children to engage with children around the world and productively use their compassion, kids helping kids.

“In addition to strong government and community support, SchoolAid has the endorsement of the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA), Principals Australia (PA) and state Education Departments across Australia. SchoolAid encourages philanthropy in Australian kids, tapping into their innate concern for their peers and kids in need everywhere, whilst fostering leadership, resilience and independence.”

New Zealand has been left reeling in the wake of the earthquake that devastated Christchurch and took so many lives  on February 22. Australian schools are again at the ready to offer assistance to kids in need with the launch of the ‘SchoolAid Christchurch Earthquake Emergency Appeal’.

The needs of the children affected by the disaster in Christchurch are going to be severe and the months ahead will expose the extent of these needs. That is not to diminish the significance of the affect that witnessing these graphic images on television has on the hearts and minds of our children. SchoolAid strives to turn the fear and compassion of our children into positive action.

The SchoolAid founder Sean Gordon commented on the SchoolAid Christchurch Eearthquake Emergency Appeal by saying: “Our hearts go out to the residents of Christchurch, and indeed the whole of New Zealand, as we see terrible images of loss and destruction following the earthquake. So many people have lost their lives, and Christchurch will be forever altered as a consequence.

SchoolAid’s core mission to encourage kids to help kids in need, and with this in mind, we are launching our Christchurch Earthquake Emergency Appeal today around the nation.”

The recent floods sparked a response from SchoolAid and they have been at work in Australian schools raising funds for the Floods Relief Appeal. Now there has been another natural disaster, with even more confronting and upsetting images, that our children aren’t necessarily equipped to deal with yet.

SchoolAid is offering an opportunity for students to make a difference in the lives of children affected by these disasters; in turn empowering them and escaping overwhelming feelings about the enormous scale of the disaster.

SchoolAid has already raised almost $200,000 for the Floods Relief Appeal and is ready to rally schoolkids Australia wide to support the kids and communities in the Christchurch area affected by the earthquake. Funds raised with the SchoolAid Christchurch Earthquake Emergency Appeal will be distributed to the neediest children, schools and communities via SchoolAid’s trusted charity partner network

Every Australian school can get involved in the SchoolAid Christchurch Earthquake Emergency Appeal, for all the details please visit:

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