Smirnoff Vodka and Cranberry

Smirnoff, the world’s number one vodka brand, has just launched a unique line of premium vodka premixes.  The convenient multi serve 2L pack makes it a simple choice for entertaining at home or to take out.

This exciting new product is available in two adult combinations, Smirnoff Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry and Smirnoff Vodka and Blood Orange. They are expertly mixed before boxing to make authentic, bar quality drinks a convenient solution for all your entertaining needs.

Smirnoff Range Shot

I’m not really quite sure how to approach a review of this nature, and I’m thinking that at the end of the cask is probably not such a good idea so I had a taste and came to share.

Cranberry is not a flavour of anything I had tried before, so I was a little concerned how it would taste. I was pleasantly surprised, it is quite similar to raspberry with perhaps a little less sweet and a little more tart. Smirnoff Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry is non carbonated so unlike Cruisers there’s no bubbles to cause a bloating effect later in the night. The lack of carbonation also makes it quite a light liquid which goes down very smoothly.

I think on a hot day it would be quite a refreshing drink to enjoy sitting around the pool. Could be compared to a raspberry cordial, and you really can’t taste the vodka. Best served in a long glass over ice and sipped slowly to savour the flavours.

This is definitely something you need to keep track of as you could easily enjoy too much and it would creep up on you. Having said that, I don’t know that the sweet and subtle flavours are something you could drink all night.

An affordable and convenient option to share with friends over dinner or a summer BBQ with the 2L multi serve packaging.

Now available at all leading bottle shops with an RRP of $26.99

ABV: 6.4%

Contains approximately 10 standard drinks. Drink responsibly.

8 thoughts on “Smirnoff Vodka and Cranberry

  1. Vodka and Cranberry, is a standard bar cocktail, The “Cape Cod”, 1 part Vodka 4 parts Cranberry served with a wedge of lime. it’s been around for decades and it’s wonderful to see it pre-made. Having tried the product, it took me back to Hawaii in the 80’s which is when I first started drinking it.

    1. Flavia, I’m not sure perhaps you could get in touch with Smirnoff in Sth Africa, there should be a website. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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