Stoli Vodka Cocktail of the Week – Stoli Vanil, Apple & Lime

We have been publishing some creative vodka ideas recently for those of you with an adventurous spirit looking for something new. Today we bring you an exclusive new recipe for a stunning Stoli cocktail.

This creative combination of flavours is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth with it’s fruity blend at the same time as it sets your tastebuds to tingling with it’s citrusy tang.

Stoli vodka has long been celebrated as the original vodka with a unique heritage. Stoli is premium, high quality vodka with delicate aromas of butter, white pepper and sweet cream. It is the perfect vodka for every cocktail.


Stoli Vanil, Apple and Lime

You will need:

Tall Glass filled with ice
30ml Stoli Vanil Vodka
100ml cloudy apple juice
3 lime wedges

To build your creative cocktail:

Add Stoli Vanil Vodka to glass of ice
Pour in cloudy apple juice
Squeeze juice of two fresh lime wedges into glass
Give a vigorous stir
Garnish with remaining fresh lime wedge


Stoli is known as the world’s most original vodka and this year Stoli is rewarding originality in Australians with the 2011 Stoli Original Fund.

It doesn’t matter what you’re idea is – as long as it’s original you are in with a shot. Round one was taken out by a Sydney cycle business for their 8 speed fixie bike model.¬† Entries for round two of the Stoli Original Fund are now open, and will be open until Monday, July 25th 2011.

So head on over and enter your original idea for a chance to win cash with the Stoli Original Fund and unleash your dream.

For more information about the Stoli Original Fund and for more great recipes visit the Stoli Facebook page:


One thought on “Stoli Vodka Cocktail of the Week – Stoli Vanil, Apple & Lime

  1. THIS JUST IN!!!! The Stoli Original Fund closing date for new entries has been extended.

    You now have until Monday July 25th 2011to get your entries in!

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