Te Hana Sparkling Wine

Te Hana sparkling wines were born in New Zealand, where the grapes are ripened in pristine sunlight and everything is vibrant.

The Te Hana sparkling wine varieties are now available in Australia and are sure to find a fashionable following. The flavours are bright and clear, reminiscent of the brands birthplace.

I can’t claim to be a wine connoisseur, and I don’t know if I should try to write this after more than half a bottle of the Te Hana Rose Cuvee but let’s see how we go.

Translated Te Hana is ‘to shine’ in the Maori language and these wines embody the purity and vitality of their homeland. The flavours are crisp and suitable for every occasion.

te hana

The bottles are eye-catching and distinctive, absolutely gorgeous to tell the truth. They are etched with a glorious bellbird and Puriri trees, native to New Zealand. The bottle alone is enough to encourage people to buy. The Rose Cuvee box my bottle came in is printed with the same design and would make an elegant gift for the woman with discerning taste.

The Te Hana sparkling wines get their start from pristine pinot noir and chardonnay grapes ripened in pure New Zealand sunlight.

The Reserve Cuvee is aromatic with flavours of crisp apples, grapefruit and strawberries and an underlying brioche character. 80% chardonnay and 20% pinot noir

The Rose Cuvee has subtle aromas of strawberry, cherry and brioche, topped with a creamy, rich finish. 100% pinot noir. This is quite a sweet, fruity wine that is said to be a Summer dessert wine, personally I think you could drink it anytime really. It would go well at the beginning or the end of a meal and I can tell you that it goes well with potato chips and with chocolate, but shh I’m not supposed to be eating chocolate – failed that challenge.

Te Hana is sure to make a splash in Australia with it’s crisp flavours, it must be good if I can drink half a bottle, modern eye-catching packaging and affordability.

These sensational sparkling wines retail for $19.95 each and are available from Vintage Cellars, Liquorland, First Choice and all good independent wine stores.

Please drink responsibly.

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