The Aromatherapy Co. Wild Mint and Bergamot Candle

The Aromatherapy Company has been making naturally fragranced products for the home and the body for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their accountability to the environment, the community and their customers.

As part of their commitment to the environment The Aromatherapy Company is a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, committed to making a healthy planet through donating 1% of their annual profits to environmental organisations.

Wild Mint & Bergamot Set

This candle has a long list of favourable points, so if you need more than just the exquisite natural fragrance to convert you then check out these reasons to buy your candles from The Aromatherapy Company:

  • Soy and natural plant wax from a sustainable source
  • They do not test anything on animals
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Candle wicks are pure cotton
  • Ingredients are natural
  • No dyes or artificial colours are used

These are all great reasons to buy but I still think the best reason is the fact that they smell divine and they are reasonably priced to make them accessible to everyone, for use every day.

The candles are therapeutic and there is an entire range of them, all with different benefits. I have always been quite sceptical of Bergamot and its fragrance and was sure I didn’t like it. Team it with Wild Mint and it is luscious. The benefits of this blend include uplifting the mind and combatting fatigue from the Wild Mint and the Bergamot is a great deodorizer, which is sometimes a great thing in a house with children and animals, and inspiring as well as emotionally uplifting.

What house couldn’t handle a little help like that?

The aroma is full bodied and lingering. Last night I found I could still smell the candle, subtly, over an hour after it was extinguished.

To check out the rest of the range and find out where you can buy The Aromatherapy Company products head over and visit them at:


One thought on “The Aromatherapy Co. Wild Mint and Bergamot Candle

  1. i love the sound of the beramot and wild mint candles and being evoirnmentaly friendly it sounds wonderfull i would love the scent of this pairing of 2 wonderfull aromas what a great product

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